Six ways to take your deep conditioning even deeper!

Deep Conditioning
I should be ashamed of myself. How could I wrap up a Maximum Moisture series without creating a post on special boosters you can add to your routine to take your deep conditioning even deeper. Some of you might remember my post on the five healthy boosters for a better leave in experience. I figured that now would be a good time to talk about deep conditioning and taking that step to the next level as well.

Before we get started, I should mention that you are not required to add each one of these boosters, at the same time, to your deep conditioner every wash. In fact, I'm gonna recommend that you experiment with these boosters one at a time so you can better assess how your hair reacts to these ingredients individually. That way you know which of these powerful hair strengtheners to turn to depending on your hair's specific need.

Natural Oils

Take your pick. There are a plethora of plant oils to choose from each with it's own redeeming quality. Plant oils provide shine and nourishment to the hair. When added to your favorite conditioner, oils give your hair that little extra bit of oomph. Adding a little oil will take the deep conditioner even deeper by giving the hair that extra layer of protection once the conditioner is washed off. There's no better feeling than having a freshly washed head of hair that's been blessed with both conditioner and nourishing oil.

Silk Amino Acids

This ingredient is perfect for blending in with your current products. It's clear and odorless. Just like water. But don't let it's appearance fool you, this is some powerful stuff. For those of you who aren't familiar with the wonderful benefits of silk amino acids, let me refresh your memory.

"After silk protein on the hair dries, it becomes a transparent crystalline protective film. This film can directly prevent the hair being damaged by alkaline materials in hair products. This protective film can increase the hair elasticity and increase the hair’s natural shine. It has a very special protective function in hair products." I've added this to my leave-in the past and have just only begun to venture into the world of silk amino and deep conditioning. I must say that my first stint has produced some fabulous results. I'll definitely be going back for more. One thing I must mention is that you only need to use a very small amount of this product to work effectively so a little goes a long way.

Fortify your conditioner with food! Mashing up avocados, adding a little mayo, or even dropping an egg to your conditioner helps beef up the strengthening power of your conditioner. When you include food to your conditioner, you add natural proteins that are readily absorbable by the hair. As always, you want to be mindful of protein overload whenever using protein heavy products. Make sure you sandwich your protein in between two slices of moisture (i.e, make sure you include your favorite moisturizing conditioners in the mix). Get your hair strong and healthy by feeding it healthy hair foods.

I decided to separate honey from the food list because it's benefit to the hair is unique to other foods. Is your hair looking for additional moisture and shine? Then you've come to the right place honey! Added softness, suppleness, and shine are some of the wonder results of honey-kissed hair. Long praised as one of the most powerful humectants for the hair, honey is the perfect addition to your conditioners. As a humectant, it actually works to help water molecules remain in the hair. When we're talking about maximum moisture, honey should always be included in the conversation.

Porosity Control
There's just something about Porosity Control that helps to add a kick to your conditioner. It probably has something to do with the low pH value that PC boasts of on the front of it's package. Remember that pH is important to the hair because if the pH range is too low or too high, the hair reacts adversely. What we want to do is get the hair to the "sweet spot" range of about 5.5. Porosity control helps to balance the pH balance if your conditioner can't do it alone. I use it in my conditioner mix as sort of an insurance policy just in case my blend lands at a higher pH than desired. It works every time!

I learned something myself while researching for this post. We all know about the magnanimous benefits of taking vitamins internally for the strength of the hair. But have you ever thought about using vitamins topically? I know, that sounds crazy but stay with me while I make my point. I'm not talking about grinding up you biotin pills and throwing them into your conditioner (yet). What I'm talking about is using vitamins that can benefit the hair directly when used topically such as vitamin E. The tiny vitamin E capsules are chock full of hair nourishing goodness. It's such a thick and nourishing oil that works to add major softness to the skin and hair.
Another vitamin that you might want to consider implementing in your conditioning step is vitamin B5. Also known as pantothenic acid, this ingredient is widely used in various conditioners already. Product with added B5 boast of being fortified with "pro-vitamins." Probably because B5 is said to improve the condition of damaged hair . According to, B5 increases luster by aiding in moisture retention, and increasing elasticity. So yes you should be taking your vitamins regularly internally but, at the same time, you can also benefit by taking the most direct route. I read somewhere that someone said their stylist actually uses a liquid b5 pill in their deep conditioner like one would use a liquid e. I haven't tried that myself but you can certainly bet that I will.

"Sigh". I feel so much better now.

Ladies I've now equipped you with the tools to take your deep conditioning even deeper. Now, if you don't mind, I'm off to wash and experiment.


  1. This is great info! My stylist is Dominican and she always gives me great recipes for strengthing my hair. My hair is relaxed. One of her recommendations is using garlic to help with shedding. I tried it and it works! The garlic/garlic juice hardens on the hair and she will rinse it with a clarifying shampoo.

    1. Would you mind sharing how garlic is used to deep condition and stop shedding? Thanks

  2. love this post! there are still a few things i'd like to try...honey being at the top of my list!

  3. The vitamin e idea is amazing and i'm talking from experience. It worked miracles on my edges after a stylist overprocessed my hair with a relaxer and my edges broke off. I started seeing a difference after 2 weeks but i used to put the vitamin e on my hairline every night before going to bed. Now its slowly getting back to its previous glory

  4. Excellent and timely post! I've been too lazy this year and I'm so ashamed. My coconut oil, honey, and SAA took a back seat to heat and quickie conditioning this year, of all things. I'm snapping out of this rut and your great post is just the reminder and encouragement that I needed. Thanks!

  5. very informative. wow, your hair is gorgeous!


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