This is what happens when I don't listen to my own advice

I've got a serious confession to make. I went against my own sound advice on the afternoon of January 3rd, 2010. You might remember my last post on what you can do to take your deep conditioning even deeper. In that post I gave out clear and specific instructions.

And I quote:
"you are not required to add each one of these boosters, at the same time, to your deep conditioner every wash. In fact, I'm gonna recommend that you experiment with these boosters one at a time so you can better assess how your hair reacts to these ingredients individually. That way you know which of these powerful hair strengtheners to turn to depending on your hair's specific need."

At the end of that post, I stated that I was off to experiment. And experiment I did.....
You see, instead of taking my own quasi-professional advice, I opted to do the exact opposite. I prepared for my wash as I normally do, with my pre-poo. Nothing unusual. It was when I began contemplating how I could add some pizzaz to my conditioner that things started to go awry. I had a choice, I could add a little honey or I can use several vitamin E capsules. Maybe I should fortify with a tiny bit of my liquid B vitamin complex. Should I opt for an egg instead for strengthening? What about my coconut oil?

By then, my mind was all messed up. How could I choose between all of these fabulous ingredients? I couldn't. So I did what any reasonable person would do in the exact same scenario. I threw them all into a bowl and started mixing. The pressure was too much to bear. I had no other choice. So there I am mixing the honey, egg, coconut oil, vitamin e, liquid b in with my moisturizing conditioners. Everything was pretty much going smoothly except for the fact that the coconut oil kept trying to go back to solid form the whole time (it's unusually cold right now in Florida). I got over that dilemma by pointing the nozzle of my facial steamer towards my mixing bowl.

The only products from my list I didn't include were the Porosity Control (because I forgot) and my silk amino acids. I included a tiny bit of SAA, to my spray bottle which contained distilled water, at the leave-in step. Fast forward to the rinse and I could already tell something was different. My hair felt stronger ( a little stiff, but stronger). To be honest, I was a little concerned about my hair's reaction to the protein since I used a jumbo size egg. Took out the rollers and I found myself with some amazing looking (and feeling hair). The strength levels were kicked up an notch but the most notable of my results was the increase elasticity. Yes! Elasticity! That's on my list of hair results I want to achieve this year. Could it be that I've stumbled upon a method to achieve that result only one month into the year?

Ladies, I am more than excited about the results. My hair is strong, yet soft at the same time. If I can consistently reproduce what I did on that day, then I'm headed in the right direction. I felt it was only fair to fess up and be honest with what I did. The only thing I ask is that you forgive me. Oh, one more thing, I also ask that you have fun in implementing these ingredients into your routine and enjoy the bountiful results.
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  1. Thanks for your post. It sounds like it all worked out in the end. I need to get some sort of concoction going with my DC's, too. I think I put too much SAA's in my leave-in and my hair was getting too hard. I've just started to DC with coconut oil at least once a week. So far so good.

  2. SAA is pretty powerful. You have to use only a little bit. But the results are fantastic when you do.

  3. Hello and congratulations with the mixture, definitely sounds like I want to try. I'm also, wishing and wondering when I'm going to get my sample? I've been checking my mailbox with great ancipation, but not luck yet : (

    Elizabeth M

  4. Hi Elizabeth!
    I sent the last batch of oils late last week. I've gotten some confirmation emails from some people that have received theirs within the past couple of days. If you don't receive in the next couple of days, please send me an email.

  5. lol, thanks for sharing. i'm so glad the end result was positive and not horrific!!!

  6. Yeah!!! I got it, I got it. Thank you!! I'm off to wash my hair and try!

    Elizabeth M.

  7. This is my first time commenting but I took your advice and mixed some olive oil and honey into my regular conditioner and let sit overnight. My hair was soft and SUPER shiny. Thanks for the advice. I recently overprocessed my hair and this helped perk it up quite a bit.

  8. Danielle, that's awesome! I'm so glad you're seeing an improved result. That's what it's all about, getting a little better each and every time.

  9. where could i get SAA (what do you recommend?)

  10. I got mine from Lotion Crafter. You should be able to find thru Google.

  11. i read this article today and it just so happens i have some of the ingredients you listed. i tried the concoction and it is AMAZING! will do this more often.

  12. That's awesome lilygirl, I'm glad your hair liked it as much as mine did.