Steam Deep Conditioning Video

Deep Conditioning
I didn't expect it but I got quite a few comments from my steam pre-poo video. In that video, I parted the hair section by section while in front of my facial steamer. A couple people mentioned that it looked rather labor intensive. While I do agree that doing it section by section does take a lot of time and effort, it also has it's benefits.

Well now it's time to reveal how I used the same facial steamer, along with my hooded dryer, and converted it into a replica of an honest to goodness hair steamer.

You guys might remember another post from the good 'ole days when I tried, desperately to create my own version of a steamer with my caruso kit and a plastic bin. Well those days are no longer because I've now graduated from this to this:


  1. Wooow you are too creative, Diva! I have a question...I'm natural but I believe we can still get a lot of the same benefits. How would you measure a heated cap vs. the steam? Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. I've used heat before in the form of the hooded dryer and plastic cap. I think both work well but the steam seems to make the hair feel saturated with both heat and moisture. I think the water particles from the steamer take it to the next level.

  3. I never used a hooded dryer and a cap in years. Thanks for the reminder :2 ) I use a heated cap (or therapy cap) and I thought it was the holy grail but the steam video looks very awesome. I love the idea of the saturation process. Thanks a lot. Hopefully, I remember to keep the dryer off. ;2 )

  4. What a great idea! I don't have a hot facial steamer but you got me thinking... I may try this method with my daughter's humidifier, though. It gives off a really fine cool mist that may help to seal the cuticle.

  5. Natalie!
    I love the idea of a humidifier for a cool mist. Now you got me thinking.....

  6. I was thinking about buying a hooded steamer...But I like your idea with the facial steamer since I already have a hooded dryer...This will save so much space...

    Thanks for sharing


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