Dear Biolage Cera Repair,


I'm writing you in regards to our encounter last wash. While I already had a plethora of products which contained ceramides, I still felt like our experience was a special one. I loved the fact that you come in 5 individual tubes which made for easy application. Another thing I liked about your .5 ounce package is my ability to cut it open so I can scrape every last bit of you to apply to my hair.

You wouldn't believe how happy I was about the fact that you are a gel and not a liquid. This really helped me apply you to my freshly washed hair without worry of you dripping all over the place. There was no dripping at all that day. Every ounce of you remained right where I wanted it to be.

You know what else I appreciate about you? You're in a small package but you've got a lot in you. I felt like there was enough for me to cover all of my hair. I even felt like I had enough to apply you to some of my most needed areas twice. I should also be honest and tell you that even though you instructed me to leave you in for 3-5 minutes, I made the experience last much longer. If fact, I actually applied you to clean hair, then layered some Silicon Mix conditioner over you to help raise moisture. I left you guys in for much longer than what you recommended.

I realized that even though you are a product of Biolage's hydratherapie line, you would act more as a strengthener than a moisture creating product. This is why I did what I did. Going forward, I'll continue to merge you with my moisturizing conditioners.

So after my deep conditioning was over, I rinsed and felt the difference you made in my hair. I felt you reinforcing my strands, protecting them for the week that lay ahead. At the end of my rollerset, I found my self with strong, exceptionally healthy looking hair. None of my other ceramide products have been able to mirror your results. I must also tell you that my Silicon Mix ceramide leave-in complimented you perfectly. I rubbed some in after my rollerset and I was in heaven.

I like you.

I hope that like my beloved Hair Fixer, you will only make my hair better and stronger with every application. In fact, I can't wait until we're together again next wash day. Even though feelings for you are starting to develop, I feel like I mustn't just keep you to myself. This is why I'll purchase another box of five tubes, divide them, and give away tubes to my blog readers. It's the right thing to do....

Oh, by the way, even though we will probably be the best of friends, I still have the desire in my heart to buy and use the Cera Repair Pro. I hope you're o.k. with this. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble now so I'll end by saying this........

I can't wait to see you again next wash day.


  1. that is classic! Where did you purchase this beauty? After falling in love with one of your previous recommendations (Burts Bees pre-poo), I guess i have to try this as well!

  2. I bought from Amazon. Haven't been able to find in stores yet. Although, one of the large BSS stores in the area said they would special order for me. Give that a try if you aren't able to find or order online.

  3. lol! Loved this blog...I need to get that Burt's Bees pre-poo


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