Silicon Mix Proteina De Perla and Sedal S.O.S Ceramidas review


Nowadays, I can't seem to walk by a product containing ceramides without wanting to just snatch it up. I have quite a few products so far, some have worked well, some only adequately but I feel like I've hit the jackpot with a couple of them. Ladies, let me introduce you to Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla leave in and Seda's S.O.S ceramidas. Both are leave-ins that can be used daily. Treating your hair with ceramides at wash time is great but why not do a little better by giving your hair a little ceramide treat everyday.

I'll talk a little more about these products. First of all when comparing the price, the Silicon Mix is way more expensive. In fact, the minute I saw the product on the store shelf, I picked it up without even so much as looking at the price. It wasn't until I was paying the bill that I questioned if the cashier had rung my product twice. I think I paid close to $13.00 for a bottle. Soon after, I noticed a couple of bottles of Sedal's ceramidas at an ethnic grocery store. Ceramidas was much more pocket book friendly at around $4.00 so I picked up two bottles. I saw Ceramidas at another store yesterday for about $5.60. Either way, it's still more economical than Silicon Mix.

Do I have any regrets about paying $12.00-$13.00 for one product when I can get a comparable for half the price? Absolutely not! While both products appear to seem similar at the surface, Silicon Mix has just a few extras that make it worth the cost. Not only does it contain ceramides, it also has keratin, silk protein, and pearl protein. Ceramidas doesn't boast of such extras. If you like Silicon Mix's pearl protein conditioner, then you'll love this leave in. The leave in and the conditioner very similar in color smell and texture. In fact, the leave in feels slightly like a lighter version of the conditioner. The biggest difference between the two is the ceramide ingredient which the conditioner doesn't have.

I've used both SOS ceramidas and Silicon mix as moisturizers (on dry hair). I love both of them. The ceramidas has more of a watery moisturizer feel. When I say watery, I don't mean as in consistency, I mean as in the way the product feels on the hair. It's highly moisturizing. The Silicon Mix has a lighter feel that still moisturizes but not as heavily. It feels more like a strengthening moisturizer (if there's such a thing). Both have my hair feeling light and healthy. And both are on my repurchase list. I haven't had to worry about heavy build up while using these leave-ins regulary for the past couple of weeks. Overall, I'm extremely pleased with both of the products. I'm a little more smitten with the Silicon Mix but that won't stop me from getting the SOS ceramidas conditioner that I saw the other day. Now that I've got these two staples, I think I'm gonna slow down a little on my need to buy ceramide containing products. The real reason why I'll slow down is because, with these two products, my hair gets to benefit from a more frequent dose of ceramides, not just on wash days.

Oh, I finally got Biolage's Cera Repair. I wanted to get the professional treatment, Cera Repair Pro, but the Amazon vendor was all out. I should also mention that I probably won't be repurchasing Cerafix or the Bomba conditioner. I just don't know if I like them enough to reinvest.

Next time we'll chat about my Cera Repair experience.

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  1. Hi thank you for sharing so much wonderful information. I have the Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla and wonder if you still use it and if so, how you use it on a daily basis? Do you apply at night before bed? What about if you wear straight styled hair, would you use it daily then too? Thanks in advance for sharing.


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