Is your scalp suffocating? Find out what it's doing to your hair

Healthy Scalp

A have a ritual that I do before every wash where I stand in front of my massive hair product closet and select the items I'll be including in my pre-poo and deep conditioning. Some of the products are my staples and remain within arms reach. Others are less frequently utilized and rest in the shadows. Rarely do I spend much time peeking at the products in the back because I just assumed they were back there for a reason. This week, however, I decided to take a gander to see if there's any special conditioner I may be missing out on. I'm so glad I took that extra time to look because I rediscovered one of my greatest hair loves of days past. Nioxin Scalp Therapy.

I've used Scalp Therapy on and off for years. I first rushed to the store for this product when I read the online story of a girl who received a scalp scope. A scalp scope is like a microscope for the scalp. It takes up close images of the hair strands and scalp. It helps to determine the level of blockage and buildup one has on their hair and scalp. The images are magnified 200 X and displayed on a TV screen where you can clearly see how your scalp measures against a healthy scalp.

An "unhealthy scalp" usually appears shiny due to the excess sebum build up near the hair follicles. The woman online described her scalp as looking like a Krispy Kreme donut. I found a site online with some close up images of what is considered an unhealthy scalp along with the ideal appearance of a healthy, thriving scalp. As you scroll through the images, start from the bottom of the page and work your way up. Notice how the strands of hair are impacted when the scalp is clogged and unhealthy versus when the scalp is healthy and vibrant.

Check out the pics and see for yourself.

Did you notice how strong and healthy the hair strands appeared when the scalp was in it's optimal state? As I was looking at those pics, I found myself wondering how much of our shedding could be attributed to the health of the scalp.

So what does this all mean? While we're focusing on deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, we may be missing out on a crucial part of our ultimate healthy hair experience. It all starts from the scalp so we also should implement strategies that bring health to the area where we need may need it most. When I think I about my own experience, I have to admit that my scalp is just not something I focus on. I think back to years past when I used to "feel my scalp." By feeling I mean I would experience the sensation of the air touching my scalp. Nowadays, I'm sure my scalp is laden with so much buildup I can't remember the last time I had that "clean scalp feeling." Sure, I apply ACV to my scalp from time to time but so did the woman who got her scalp scoped. She also claimed to wash her hair nearly every day.

I'm convinced in the direct link between a healthy scalp and thriving hair. Follicles that are suffocating under large thick flakes or a sea of sebum can't possibly produce the most healthy hair. You've seen it for yourself in the pics on that website. This post was originally meant to serve as a review for Scalp Therapy but I'll save that piece for an upcoming post. What I'd like to do is continue this conversation further by discussing ways we can treat our scalp to bring about health.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. How do you think your scalp would look under a scope?


  1. hmmm, now i'm thinking about this myself! my scalp would probably look all gooky under a scalp scope. though i do shampoo once a week, i also prepoo and DC a lot, M&S every night, and oil my scalp often. i really think i'm going to have to do something more for my scalp. thanks so much for the post!

  2. I'm not sure...I'm an avid user of JBCO on my scalp, and I remember reading that part of the reason it works so well is that it breaks down excess sebum and bacteria allowing the follicles to be free from clogs...I don't know, I have to do some more research. But my scalp is alot healthier since I started using it!

  3. wow! this post and those pics were such a wake up call! I've never given much thought about the state of my scalp. The only issues I've encountered is a bit of dry scalp during the winter. I will definitely be paying more attention to my scalp. You've made me very curious about the relation between healthy scalp and shedding.

  4. I love your blog. I do need to find a shampoo that contains zinc pca and mix it with Jojoba oil. Courtney is correct Jojoba oil does dissolve hardened sebum in your hair follicles. I am using MN mixed with Megatek on my scalp so at least my scalp is free from fungus. I do use a copper serum on my scalp for growth and to keep scalp healthy and counteract any chemical burns since I relax.

  5. Very enlightening post. In recent weeks I have already been taking steps to treat my scalp better. But after this post I'm motivated to go even further in my journey.


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