A Review of Silicon Mix Bambu Conditioner

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I am more than excited to introduce to you the next installment in the incredible Silicon Mix line. My love affair with Silicon Mix began way back when with their first deep conditioner. I fell in love with the slip and softness I experienced with this product. It became a staple from the very first use. Some time later, Silicon Mix expanded their line by creating the Protein de Perla conditioner. You guys know from my review of the product that the Pearl Protein conditioner soon surpassed the original on my list of favorite conditioners.

What I appreciate most about the Pearl Protein is the impact it has on my hair. For some reason, this conditioner leaves my hair light and silky which is a huge plus for someone like me who roller sets and wears her hair out during the week. After being matched up with this conditioner, I thought I reached the pinnacle of Silicon Mix enlightenment. That is, until I stumbled upon this wonderful specimen.

Silicon Mix Bambu carries on the torch with regards to the product line's quality. Unlike the Pearl conditioner, this one has a much more palatable scent. I think I actually compared the pearl conditioner's smell to a scented cleaning solution in my review post. Bambu, on the other hand, is so much more pleasing to the senses. This conditioner is quickly becoming my favorites because along with the great scent, bambu contains some make or break qualities which are essential to great conditioners.

Thick & Rich
There's nothing I hate more than the experience of watching deep conditioner run-off flow down the drain right after application. When I put deep conditioner on damp hair, my expectation is that every ounce remain on the strand where it can handle it's business. Silicon Mix Bambu is nice and thick, but no so thick that it hinders application. For instance, I sometimes have to dilute my Cholesterol conditioner with oil or a watery counterpart just so I can apply evenly to the hair. Because of bambu's ease of use I found no need to create a conditioner blend. I was extremely content just using this product on it's own. I actually enjoyed the application process with this conditioner. If I had to use one word to describe this conditioner, that word would be nourishing.

Unique Ingredient
Sure, you probably have a conditioner or two which already contain whey protein but what about one with bamboo extract? Did you know bamboo extract is the riches source of silica at over 70%. Bamboo extract is also said to be rich in minerals and proteins. Those of you who are familiar with the plant know that one of the reasons Bamboo is widely used has to do with it's amazing strength. According to Wikipedia, Bamboo was used in China to hold up simple suspension bridges. Silicon Mix bambu conditioner also contains biotin, panthenol a slew of vitamins, and horse chestnut extract as a supporting cast to the feature ingredient.

Softness and strength
My hair is extremely sensitive to protein. Lately I find myself seeking out alternative strengtheners to traditional protein products so I can avoid that dreaded stiffness associated with too much protein. That's part of the reason I mix my conditioners every wash. I have to balance moisture and strength with each deep conditioner application. I feel like when I use Silicon Mix bambu, I don't have the desire to mix with other conditioners. When used on it's own, my hair felt strengthened. As I washed it out, my hair felt incredibly soft. To be honest with you, the conditioner softened my hair more than I expected.

So, you probably have already figured out by now that this product has instantly gained staple status in my routine. I have short term plans to repurchase a larger quantity so I can use more liberally when I condition. The Silicon Mix brand has done it again. Three great conditioners each offering their own unique benefit. I definitely recommend this product to anyone on the hunt for a nourishing conditioner. If your hair is at all familiar with the Silicon Mix product line then, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Where did you find this?

  2. I just happen to stumble upon this at my local beauty supply store. Not all of them carry the product. The one I found it has a good selection of Dominican products.

    You can also check Latin grocery stores to see if they carry it.

  3. Girl one of my friend in the US is sending this and the protein one to me soon as I have the original already in two sizes. The original silicon mix is awesome and smell yummy, I can not wait for the other two to get here. Your review have me eager now. I am also going to try out the leave-in for each too. I know I am PJ can not help it lol!

  4. Would this be considered a protein based conditioner or Moisture based?

    would this be safe to use every week or every other week?

  5. It's kind of both. It has protein in it's ingredients but it's not a harsh protein product. It's safe enough to use every week with no issues.

  6. So would you say that this can replace a protein based product? Does it provide the basic protein requirements for relaxed hair??

  7. Kyzzii,
    I think this is more of a weekly protein maintanance not so much of a deep protein treatment for when someone is experiencing lots of breakage.
    Hope that helps.

  8. I use this product every week along with the shampoo. I don't use the leave in conditioner because I use this product called uniq-one which also detangles and soften my hair. It supposedly is a all in one hair treatment. After I colored my hair blonde, my hair slowly started breaking. I colored it back to it's original color and started treating it. It's growing how it normally would maybe faster.


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