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A week ago I made another lousy attempt at airdrying. For those of you who don't know, air drying is not my strong suit. If I'm not careful, I end up with an unfortunate situation complete with tangles and unruly hair. Last wash was a disaster to say the least. I won't go into much detail but what I will say is that I spent all of last week with highly unattractive hair. So this week's wash was really important. I had to make sure I undid all the damage caused by allowing my hair to dry in such an undesirable condition. Needless to say, after yesterday's wash, my hair is signing a different tune. So what I've decided to do is take a moment to recognize the all star cast of products that worked hard to bring life back in to my hair. You guys all did your thang and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. So without further ado, let the shout outs begin! First off, I have to confess that for the past 2 months or so, I've strayed from using this product consistently. This week however, when it came down to pre-poo, I knew I had to reach for the best. Of course you guys know I'm talking about my Burt's Bees! Thank you Burt's, for starting things off right for me, this time, every time.
Next it was off to the shower where I shampooed with Hair One. Because of the time constraint, I knew I'd have to forgo the full fledge deep conditioning process in the traditional sense of the word. This time, I'd only have a few minutes to make things happen. So I employed three amazing conditioners to do a quickie on my hair. Because of you Alter Ego, Biolage, and Silicon Mix, my hair is back to life. Not just any life, abundant life.
My newfound love, Redken Extreme Anti Snap partnered beautifully with my Salerm leave in to create a magical rollerset. Here's to the both of you.
Finally were would I be without "softness in a bottle" Gleau Nourishing Oil Blend. What I appreciate most about this oil blend is how it consistently brings shine, softness, and moisture to my strands each and every time. Gleau, you are the perfect ending to a perfect wash day experience. Kudos to you!
Team, you all worked so hard to beautify my hair, I thought it was only right to pay homage in a public forum for all the world to hear. Once again, thank you all and I look forward to many more wonderful experiences such as these.


  1. Haven't gotten into the pre-pooing, seems like a waste of product, can't get passed that. I took a chance and purchased some Redken Smooth Down after seeing the youtube video where it was suggested, just a 3 oz bottle, but I can't handle it on my scalp. I have serborrheic dermatitis and have been using non sulfate shampoos, and the scalp has been healthy. The smooth down is too iritating to the scalp. Right now I am using keracare and Rusk Keratin shampoos, but looking for something ultra moisturizing and non sulfate until I get into the prepoo routine.

  2. @ LaPreghiera-I know pre-pooing may seem like a waste. Perhaps you can use only products that don't wow you when you deep condition. That way you can experience some benefit without all of the guild. I too have dermatitis of the scalp and I pretty much don't let any products touch my scalp with the exception of scalp therapy, acv, and Gleau oil blend Otherwise, my scalp goes crazy. I keep all styling product on the strands. This helps me avoid possible irritation.

  3. this a protein wash/treatment or would you say it is more of a moisturising one...

  4. I would say it's more of a moisturizing routine mixed in with a little moisture. The conditioners I used did have some protein on the ingredient list but mainly known their conditioning properties.

  5. beautiful...I've been meaning to try that pre-poo but haven't gotten around to it. You use some great prods! I love my alter ego garlic cond.


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