Six ways to rinse your way to healthier hair

Deep Conditioning
For those of you who are familiar with this humble blog, you know that I'm always striving to take the care of my hair to the next level. In the past, I've written posts boosters you can add to your leave-in to take the experience up a notch. I also took that same concept and applied it to the deep conditioning step. Now, I'm focusing in on the step just in between the deep conditioning and leave-in. A step that many of us may not think much about. That step, my friends, is the rinse.

Before, when you thought of "the rinse", the image that crossed your mind probably consisted of the simple act of rinsing conditioner out of your hair. Well today, I'm here to provide you multiple options. I want to tell everyone of the wonderful selections available in the world of the final rinse.

Here we go.....

Tea Rinse
Also known as an herbal rinse, this step consists of pouring herbal tea over the hair and scalp just after the wash. Once applied, you can then proceed to the deep conditioning step and rinse both the tea and the conditioner out at once. You can also opt to rinse with tea after deep conditioning as the final step to your wash. The benefits to rinsing with tea are said to positively impact the health of your scalp and minimize shedding. Some who've tried this method do say that the results are similar to having used a protein conditioner. For this reason, I recommend you break out your moisturizing conditioners when you rinse with tea. This type of rinse is safe enough to do weekly. If you find it to be too drying on the hair, then you can alternate to every other wash or as needed.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse
This is one of my favorite rinses. As someone who suffers from an overactive scalp, this rinse is exactly what the doctor ordered. Just to refresh your memory on the benefits of this rinse, ACV helps to clarify the hair and remove build up. Because of it's low pH levels, ACV helps seal the cuticle layer locking in the moisture and protein from your deep conditioner. Make sure to dilute apple cider in water before applying to hair and scalp. It can be a bit strong if left undiluted. What I like most about this type of rinse is that you are providing a direct benefit to both the hair and scalp in one shot. Long live ACV rinses!

Cold Water Rinse
Closing the cuticle is one of the most important steps in our wash. Why spend all that time, energy and product only to allow the cuticle layer to remain vulnerable to chipping and splitting? Cool water is the perfect finisher to your weekly wash. Cold water rinses help increase stimulation to the scalp, and can also minimize shedding. Oh, and don't forget about the shine! When your cuticle layer is nice and flat, your hair strands reflect light much more easily. The result? Healthier looking, smoother hair.

Oil Rinse
Got tangles and dryness? A much needed oil rinse may just be the answer for you. Unlike the other rinses in described in this post, oil rinsing isn't done in the last step of the wash. This method actually involves adding oil to the hair after the wash but before the conditioning step. Once you've applied the desired amount of oil, you rinse with warm water then proceed to deep condition. You can play around with oils you prefer for this method, depending on how many weeks post you are etc. You may decide to go with a lighter oil like jojoba or coconut oil or something thicker and more nourishing like castor oil depending on your hair's texture and how much detangling your hair needs. Either way, your hair can definitely benefit from adding this step to the routine whenever your hair could use a little kick.

Clear Color Rinse
Though I haven't used a clear rinse in years, I can clearly remember the immediate difference in the look and feel of my hair after applying a clear rinse. Instantly my hair became shinier and more manageable. Now that I think about it, I may pick up a bottle of clear rinse next time I'm at the Ulta store with coupon in hand. Years ago, I used Jazzing clear rinse because it was cost effective and readily available. This time, I'll try to seek out some higher quality products like Fekkai salon glaze or Sebastian Colorshines. These brands claim to help seal in the cracks in the strand that lead to dry, dull looking hair by adding a layer of protection on the strand that allows the light to easily reflect. Who knows, maybe the sealing of the cracks may lead to less breakage and better protection during manipulation. Who wouldn't want that?

Conditioner Rinse
Last but certainly not least is the conditioner rinse. I know you're thinking to yourself, "why would I rinse with conditioner after I deep conditioned?" That's a great question! I've asked myself that same question in the past until I re-implemented the conditioner rinse to my routine. If you're like me, some of your favorite deep conditioners are pretty good at providing strength and moisture. But often, they excel a bit better at supporting the hair's strength more so than offering up moisture. It would be great to have an all in one conditioner that gives superior slip and moisture, but in case you haven't yet found the one, why not try adding another quick step to your wash? A conditioning rinse is nothing more than deploying your brightest and best moisturizing conditioner to finish the job once you've already deep conditioned. What you do is rinse out the deep conditioner out then apply a super-moisturizing water-based conditioner for the last few minutes prior to rinsing. The result? Hair that's soft and strong but without the stiff feeling that we all hate. The best conditioners for this use are the ones with little to no protein on the label. If you do find protein, it's usually lower on the ingredient list. Although there are some products out there branded specifically for this purpose, any moisturizing conditioner will get the job done.

With so many rinse options for healthier hair, why choose just one?


  1. Thank YOU! Great post! I will most certainly try the tea rinse...any black tea will do? I have chai in my cupboard. I plan to do cellophanes this weekend (instead of henna). We are def on the same page today...a lot of very useful tips to take hair care to the next level :)

  2. Wow, this is good knowledge. Thanks, I will try the oil rinse after wash but before the conditioner. My daughter hair is very long and tangles quite a bit. Anything that helps the detangling phase. I just thought I needed to buy a better detangling shampoo. I will give this a try. Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Will the tea rinse out color like the ACV does?

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  4. Girl thanks for this! I had no clue about clear color rinses! I want to give it a try.

  5. I just want to say thanks to you. I was just going to cut all my hair of because I was tired of looking at it. You have made me love my hair again. I do't know how I found your blog (at 8 this morning), but I have read each and every post today. I am going to get up bright and early and see my girl at the beauty supply to start my hairapy. I have three questions though, have you tried Cantu Shea Butter break cure or Profectiv 3 in 1 solution phase oil? Also, I was watching the Drs show and the doc commented that Glycerin is great for the body and hair because it seals in the moisture and pulls it up to the upmost layers for usage. Do you have any experience with this? I used it on my son (who has eczema) and it works wonders on the skin, but I have no idea where to place it in a hair care routine. Any thoughts would be helpful, thanks.

  6. @-SharBar-Any black tea will work just fine. Some say it's the caffeine in the tea that benefits the hair. As long as it's caffinated, you should be just fine.

    @-Redbone- Tea rinses don't remove the hair color. In fact, I think it's the opposite, dark rinses may darken the hair.

    @ Daphne-I haven't used Cantu or Profectiv oil but I have used Profectiv products in the past and found them to work pretty well. I've also heard great things about Cantu's products so my advise is to try them out and see if your hair loves them!

  7. @ Daphnie- I appreciate you taking the time to read past posts. I hope they are of value to you. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

  8. Wow, thank you very much! just did the oil rinse and my hair feels great!


  9. How much ACV should one use when doing this rinse.


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