Thirsty? Go for ulta-hyrdation with coconut water!

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The last few days have been really hot in my area. Because of this, my thoughts are now focused on how to stay as hydrated as possible as spring and summer begins to roll in. I feel like I have a hard enough time taking in adequate amounts of fluid on a daily basis. Now I've got to take my fluid intake to the next level.

Instead of lugging around tons of water with me, I've decided to consider "working smart" in the area of hydration. Along with drinking an adequate amount water, I've also included another super-drink to my routine. This beverage is the newest craze in healthy drinking although it's been around for centuries. The drink I'm speaking of is none other is coconut water.

In recent times, we've seen an increase of healthy available beverages such as pomegranate and acai juice. These juices offer us lots of good stuff like wonderful antioxidants but I'd also like to tell you all about the exciting and pretty amazing benefits of coconut water. When I did my research online I learned that coconut water is a "super hydrator" and contains minerals and electrolytes similar to that which is already present in the human blood. This means you can quickly replenish the nutrients lost from strenous activity or simply from sweating. Coconut water is so powerful that it's been used introvenously in emergency situations. And unlike some sports drinks out there, coconut water is an all natural solution to avoiding dehydration.

Although water is the ultimate drink of choice some folks are simply not into water all that much. So instead they opt for unhealthy alternatives such as juice, coffee or soda. If drinking a ton of water isn't your thing, I'd like to invite you to consider drinking coconut water as a second option. I've heard it called the purest liquid second only to water. The coconut has tons of wonderful properties such as being antibacterial and anti fungal. When you drink the clear fluid you benefit. Some say this refreshing beverage is beneficial for those who suffer urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and various other types of ailments.

Because of its nutritious properties, some companies have repackaged this age old drink and turned it into the latest craze in super-nutrition. In fact, celebrities like Madonna, Demi Moore and Matthew McConaughey have all invested in Vita Coco, a company that's bringing coconut water into the mainstream. Vita Coco is a little rich for my taste. Instead, I just reach for coconut water in cans at my local ethnic grocery store or at Walmart. I've decided to leverage this ultra healthy drink help me in my hair journey. One main reason is because coconut water contains more potassium than a banana, but without the high sugar levels. Our hair can suffer if we're not getting enough potassium. High salt diets can contribute to excess sodium to build up around the hair follicle. When this happens, beneficial nutrients aren't absorbed properly which could lead to hair loss. I'm also challenging myself to remain hydrated to help manage dandruff and other issues related to not taking in enough fluids.

Another thing I really like about coconut water is how well it masks the gritty taste and texture of the silica gel I've been taking. I just add a tablespoon to my glass of coconut water and I'm good to go! Next time you're out and an about, why not pick up a few cans of coco water as an alternative. At around $0.99 cents a can, it's really affordable for all the benefits you'll receive.


  1. I'm Jamaican so I already love coconut water :). Glad you've discovered it!

  2. I LVOE LOVE LOVE coconut water. ZICO is my go to brand. :)



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