From Kinky/Course to Silky/Smooth: Must see pics of Liquid Keratin treatment results

While at the Bronner Brothers hair show, I came across a booth that immediately gained my interest for several reasons. First off, this booth was quite busy as they had a crowd of fans surrounding them. It took me a little maneuvering to get close enough to see what was going on.

Once I got close enough, I realized this vendor as the folks who created Liquid Keratin. I thought to myself, "how could I have missed this booth when I walked by here several times the day before?" It probably had something to do with the crowd of potential customers who created a barrier keeping the booth concealed.
After a few moments the crowd subsided and I realized what all the commotion was about. Liquid Keratin's hair models were all sporting a half curly/kinky look and a half straight style. They had a mix of relaxed and natural ladies showing of their "half-do's" but there was one model who was the draw of all the attention. This young lady had beautiful, very thick, course type 4 hair that felt someone dry to the touch (and believed me, I touched it). Her other half, on the other hand, was silky, shiny, and soft.
She stood there patiently as random strangers repeated molested her hair. I was probably the worst of all offenders. I would run my fingers through her straighted hair, then touch the natural side, then run my fingers again through the straightened hair, then back to the natural side. I'd also step away and carry on a brief conversation with one of the other models. Soon thereafter, I was behind this model again, staring at her hair, amazed at the wonderful contrast and touching again as if it was the first time. I also had the opportunity to speak with David, the guy who created the product line. He shared with me the story of how Liquid Keratin came into existence. It was after his wive went for a keratin treatment, years ago, that she started having concerns with the potential health issues related to an ingredient found in most keratin treatments at the time, formaldehyde. Soon thereafter, they sought to create their own product which could produce the same amazing results but without the health risk. Plus they wanted to make this treatment available to consumers who wanted to do this at home. After years of testing and formulation, Liquid Keratin was born. My conversation with David was really engaging. This guys passion for healthy hair was undeniable. He talked fervently about all the years of testing to make absolutely sure his products were safe for "even his little girl to use." I admired him for his intensity. He also mentioned that a Professional Line of Liquid Keratin products would be available soon at the salons. My conversation with David influenced me to take a closer look at his products. I've seen Liquid Keratin at the stores before but had yet to try them. So I figured now is my chance since I sitting here talking to the founder. I don't do much blow drying and flat ironing so the straightening product wasn't as attractive to me. What caught my attention, however, was the Liquid Keratin Filling Leave-In. That's why I bought two of them. I love the idea of rubbing a leave-in on dry or damp hair that contains one of the building blocks of healthy hair, keratin. Although my hair doesn't do so well with using too much protein, for some reason, keratin products always seemed to work well for me. I bought two of them, not because I am greedy (which I kind am when it comes to great products) but because I would love for one of you to win one. Yes that's right, I'm giving one away to one of you. Stay tuned for details.


  1. WOW that is unbelievable, definitely will be looking into that.
    Check out my giveaway

  2. I have been always worried about whether or not my hair will spring back to its natural state. I would be so upset if the last 2 years faded.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  3. What a coincidence, I was just thinking about using Organix Keratin tomorrow. Wow. That model's hair looks amazing! I need to read more about this line now.

  4. that is a remarkable difference

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