Video: Creating a smooth sleek look & Protecting your hair during a workout by Johnny Wright

While attending the BB Hair Show, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar taught by Johnny Wright. He is best known for creating the beautiful, healthy looks on First Lady Michelle Obama! As Johnny shared his story, he told the audience that he's been doing hair since he was a child. By the time he turned 16, he secured an assistant to help manage his ever growing clientele. At the session, he had the stylists in the room mesmerized as he shared how he was able to gain celebrity stylist status. During the question and answer session, most asked about how to increase clients and network with celebrities. I wanted to ask about tips on keeping the hair healthy. Unfortunately I didn't get to ask him any healthy hair tips. The good news is that he has great informational some videos online with some nifty hair tips that I'd like to share with you today. Before you watch the vids, keep in mind that he brought in some hair models during the talk to demonstrate his work. Their hair looked incredibly healthy! This first video is on how to creak a smooth sleek look. I learned a good tip from watching this vid that I can't wait to try.

I never thought to use a comb or brush for tension as I flat iron. I think this tip will help in two ways:
1. The tension will help promote a straighter result which means less passes with the iron.
Less passes=Less heat=Less Damage.
2. The tension provided by the comb may allow for straightening on a lower heat setting than if used without the comb.
Lower heat setting=Less Heat Damage.
The only thing I have to make sure I'm extra careful to use a suitable comb that can glide through the hair without promoting breakage. Did you guys  notice the comb she  used strarting at 51 seconds into the video?  If anyone knows where I can get one of those, plelase leave a comment with the details.

In the next video, Johnny shares tips on how to maintain your hairstyle before and after your workout

I really like the tip of adding a heat protectant to the hair line. It's a new idea to me but it makes sense. When Johnny talked about how our sweat contains salt, I thought about how whenever I first used the steam room at my gym, the salt levels in my sweat were so high they would sting my eyes. But after continuous use, the sweat would no longer have the same level of saltiness. A theory I have is that the less salty my sweat was, the better my hair is able to maintain after a workout. If you don't have access to a steam room, perhaps another option would be to drink lots of water as Johnny suggested in the video. Sweat is one method of detoxing the body, urination is another. The more water you take in, the clearer your urine. This could mean less toxins in your sweat because you're constantly flushing yourself out. Hopefully this will translate to a "purer" sweat that won't be as drying to the hair. Again, it's just a theory so who knows.....


  1. Thanks for this post, the vids are very informative.
    I understand your theory with drinking more water.

  2. I first starting using the tension method back when i was natural. it was the only thing that would give me that smooth look from root to tip. at first i was using using just a regular rat tail, then i found the jilbere straightening/cutting comb(it's at Sally's) it does a great job of holding the hair taunt especially at the root.


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