My search for an Ultra-Moisturizing Deep Conditioner is finally over!

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Ya'll remember the feature I did with Pink Pearls? Well I couldn't help but to notice that pretty much her entire regimen consisted of Kerastase products. After posting the feature, my curiosity got the best of me and I immediately went on the hunt for at least one product from the Kerastase line just to see what all the commotion is about.

I visited a local high-end salon and asked the stylist to help me identify which product would best work for me. She recommended products from the relax line but I insisted that I wanted an intense moisturizing conditioner over anything else. In the end, I left the salon with this:

The Nutrithermique is an ultra-moisturizing, heat activated, deep conditioner. At only 6.8 fl oz, I didn't get much product for the $40.00 I invested. This was especially concerning for me because I'm quite possibly the most heavy handed person I know. Especially when it comes to deep conditioner. I've been known to use an entire bottle of cheapie conditioner in one pre-poo session.

Now that I've had three opportunities to use this product, I must say that this is THEE most moisturizing deep conditioner I own. It's even more powerful than my Aveda Dry Remedy line which fell way below my expectations. The Nutri-Thermique has become an instant staple for me. The product itself is thick like any self-respecting deep conditioner but what makes it special is how it instantly transforms to a watery-moisturizer the moment it touches the strand. My hair feels damp with just a tiny amount. Because it's so powerful, I actually use much less product than expected. I apply small amounts of it to individual sections then overlap it with one of my other "moisturizing" conditioners.

Because my experience was so great, I decided to go back for more by experimenting with other Kerastase products. So far, I've picked up the Voile Nuit, a night time treatment that I absolutely adore! It's a restoring water-based moisturizer spray containing natural oils and ceramides. I'm in love with how fine the mist is. Even when I run out of this product, I'll use the bottle to house my Biolage Leave in tonic. Or maybe even my ACV/H2O blend..... Oh, and did I mention how much I love the Viole Nuit?

I also swooped up the Nutritive Sublimateur Jour as a daily leave in moisturizer and the Ciment Thermique which is a heat activated reconstructor (also contains ceramides). I apply the Ciment to my hair during the rollerset since it's heat activated and sitting under the hair dryer is the only time I really use any heat. Most recently, I purchased Aqua-Oleum vials. I dunno but something about a hair product in vials makes it irresistible to me. The reviews on this product were highly positive so I figured I would give it a go! The sales rep at the Beauty Store where I purchased the Aqua-Oleum also gave me a nifty sprayer attachment that fits perfectly on the vial. This sprayer is worth its weight in gold 'cause I can also use it to top my Biolage Cera Repair Pro vials. Once again, the sprayer gives this ultra-fine mist that I really appreciate. Although I've amassed quite a stash of Kerastase products, I'm still on the hunt for one more item, the Oleo-Fusion. Once I get my hands on it, I will slow down I promise (two fingers crossed behind my back).

When I started writing this post, I was in the beginning of my weekly wash process. Now I've finally completed the roller set take down and I am memorized by my hair. My last relaxer was in August and usually, by this time, my hair would be fighting me every day. Right now you wouldn't believe how soft it feels and how healthy my hair looks. Even hubby came in and said "nice hair" before walking out of the room. If I got his seal of approval, I know something magical had to happen. Yeah for Kerastase!

In these pics,I did a pre-shampoo deep condition with Nutri-Thermique using heat, then washed with WEN. I used the Ciment prior to roller setting then misted individual damp sections with the Aqua-Oleum. Once dry, I rubbed a little Sublimatuer leave-in and Gleau Nourishing Argan oil blend for extra shine and softness.


  1. Your hair does look amazing, I feel like even in the pictures we can see a difference. Awesome review. I won't be investing so much in these products now but when my budget allows they are definitely top of the list. Can't even ask for them for Christmas, my family would just make fun of me! :/

  2. Your hair looks stunning!! Absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Girl, come Friday, I will be on the hunt for some ceramide conditioners! Thx for this post!

  4. FYI, Ricky's carries these products. They have a website ANNNNNNDD if you use the code BEAUTIFUL20, you get 20% off not only the Kerastase but ALL professional hair care lines! Sale lasts through 11/30/11!!

  5. I am so excited! I live in South Africa and don't have access to many of the products you talk about :( But we do have the full range of Kerastase! I've never tried them before because they are RARELY mentioned on hair blogs, forums etc. so i just assumed they didn't live up to others such as Redken or Joico. Anyway... i really trust your reviews and am particularly interested in the Kerastase voile nuit that you mentioned. I am in hungry, hungry, search for a good moisturiser to use in the evening!
    does it measure up? Do you have to wash it out in the morning. sprays tend to make my hair fizz up, did u notice that problem? is it heavy weight, light weight? i would really appreciate you letting me know. Thanks Nadege. Your gorgeous.

  6. Yay!!!! Another Kerastase convert!
    (btw, I'm danysedai on LHCF)
    I'm such a fan of their products, such a shame they are not as affordable (price v size wise) as other of my beloved products.
    I use the Noctogenist night serum but not the voile mist, I use the creamy one for thick hair and I'm on my third tube! This is definitely a staple that I hope Ketastase does not discontinue.
    I really like the mask but again, for the price the size is sooo small. The sublimateur jour is such a good daily moisturizer, does not weigh the hair down or leave it damp or greasy, but it's not for sale here in Canada so I need to purchase it online :(
    Haven't you tried the Oleo relax shampoo? It's my favourite, and the oleo relax serum is soooo good it has replaced my Alfaparf semi di lino serum.
    The vials are awesome, I bought a box (!!$$$$) of the aqua oleum and one of the vita ciment.I use it once a month so they should last a while.
    On my last comment I asked you about the new product, the Fibre Architect. I'd appreciate it if you can look at the ingredients (again, not for sale in canada) it looks very promising.
    Sorry to gush, it's hard to find kerastase reviews online by someone with my hair type.

  7. @girl_incognito: The Voile Nuit is actually meant for fine hair so it isn't heavy at all. It's a liquid that you mist on to the hair. When I'm setting my hair on flexi-rods for the night using Voile Nuit, my hair comes out like a dream the next morning. I'm in love with how fine the mist is so it covers a a good area with each spray. I don't think this will cause frizz because of the ultra fine mist.

  8. @ Dany: I think I'll eventually get the Noctogenist soon. I've heard great things from those who've used it. The reason I picked up the Voile Nuit instead is because I was traveling and the Noctogenist came in a larger size than the Voile Nuit.

    I literally had the Fibre Achitecte in my hands but the stylist recommended the Ciment as a better strengthening product overall. But of course it's still on my list but I need to stretch out my Kerastase purchases for now.

  9. Your hair is really nice! and it looks healthy

  10. Oh Nadege! I'm trying to stop my product junkyism.

    I walk past a hairdressers that sells Kerastase products all the time.

    How am I going to avoid going in now? How is my almost permanently empty purse going to cope?

    I have been looking for a good deep moisturising cond. and a good daily moisturiser so I will defnitely be giving these a go.

    Hair looks great.

  11. How did you use the Nutri-Dermique conditioner? did you just follow the directions or do something different? I am thinking about purchasing this. Thanks!

  12. @ Tiffany- You should use the Nutri-Thermique with heat. I apply in small sections then sit under the dryer or steamer. Leave on as long as you'd like.

  13. Great! I just purchased it and will let you know how it works. You're turning me into a product junkie!!! still haven't decided on a steamer. What are you thoughts on purchasing a steamer? Thanks in advance!

  14. Since the product are pricey, I will ease into the products- Which two are the most important in your opinion?

  15. @ Anon-The one's I use most consistently are the Nutri-Thermique and the night products. Have you seen my post on KeraPro? It's a great altenative to the Kerastase conditioners without all of the cost.

  16. Wow, Your hair really does look amazing!! I LOVE Kerastase products but just can't afford them. Can anyone reccommend something simillar that I CAN afford??


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