New 30 Day Supply of Bamboo Tea Available!

Bamboo Tea
It was July 2011 when I first introduced Bamboo Tea to you on this blog. Since then multitudes have been enjoying silica filled tea as part of their overall healthy hair regimen. Winter time is upon us and many of us are trying to brave the cold weather with warm coffee, hot chocolate or tea. Three posts ago I wrote about Five Tips actions we can take to promote healthy hair growth this winter. I'm not sure how I could forget to mention warm, delicious bamboo tea as a winter growth tonic. In any case, I bring you some good news regarding a new addition to the bamboo tea products. Bamboo tea bags are now offered in a box of 30 for a fantastic price! What's great about this is that we can maintain consistency with our silica consumption. I remember when I first was researching the benefits of silica, I remember reading about a study where the hair actually grew in thicker after six months of silica consumption. That means that all of the hard work we put in now will be paying off for us this summer. I don't know about you guys, but I can wait!

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