Mid-Year update on my hair goals and what I will do conquer them!

I can't believe how quickly this year is going by. I'm realizing that now's as good as a time to any to take a moment to reflect on our hair goals since we are midway through the year.  In doing so we can align our actions appropriately to ensure this year is a successful one.

This pic below the hair length of the young lady in black is my goal.  I just love how the hair effortlessly falls below her shoulders and how the ends are just as shiny and healthy looking as the rest of the hair.  And yes, I understand that she's more than likely wearing a weave but that doesn't stop me from striving to achieve that look.

I'd like to take this opportunity to assess where I am (compared to my goal) and what I need to do for the next 6  months to take me towards my destination.  In my assessment, I'll use a SWOT analysis.  That way I use a systematic approach in creating my strategy by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to my current hair regimen.  From this, I hope to create an effective plan of action that will really speak with to my goals.  Let's get started.

I'd say a strength of my journey has been the ability to create healthy growth.  I wouldn't say that my hair grows faster than normal.  I'm talking more about quality of the growth versus the growth rate.  So for the next six months or so I will continue to leverage this strength by continuing to do the following:

Along with taking these internal products, I will also continue a practice that I've really only started consistently doing for the past few weeks.  Every morning (and some evenings) I've practiced the Sanford Bennett method of scalp massage which includes "pulling the hair and scalp" as part of the massage process.  I believe that doing this has helped me create the blood flow and stimulation to larger areas of my scalp in less amount of time then if I were simply massaging my scalp with my finger tips.  Doing this long term will definitely have a positive impact on growth. 

A huge weakness I see in my hair (compared to my goal) is in the fullness/thickness of my ends.  As a non-protective styler, I kinda expect this result as a bi-product of my decisions. That still doesn't mean that I'm not going to try things that alter my current situation.  One such action I've taken is to trim my ends.  Although this has helped, there's still more that needs to be done.  So I'm going to try a few other actions to protect my ends and help keep them healthy including:
  • Overnight pre-poo to elevate the strength of all of my hair including ends.  Sealing the conditioner in my hair with coconut oil (especially on the ends).
  • Testing out a new way of caring for my hair at night that promotes healthy ends while I sleep. If this method produces worthy results, I'll share on the blog.
I also have weak areas in my hair that don't thrive as well as the others.  Mainly, I'm talking about the back of my hair and my right side.  I'm familiar enough with my hair to know that the root cause of this damage is probably linked to neglect.  I tend to favor one side of my hair and that favorite side gets all the extra loving, conditioner, gentle detangling, etc. The other parts are pretty much left to fend for themselves.  I realize now that I have to be a little more equitable in how I treat my hair in the future.  So a focus for me, as I target my weaknesses over the next six months, is to have healthy hair all the way around.

An opportunity that I can leverage for the remainder of the year is creating the habit of being consistent.  I feel like I've amassed enough products and knowledge to really make an impact on my goals. The key is how I can do these things I've talked about day after day, week after week until substantial progress is made.  If I can remain consistent as doing all the right things, I will undoubtedly be signing the praises of my progress come six months from now.  

The biggest threat, I see, in my plan to move towards my goal is myself.  My lack of inaction, along with my destructive habits.  Setbacks are a huge threat to my progress so I'm focusing on doing all I can to avoid them like the plague.  Continued trimming, overnight deep conditioning, and making sure I set aside enough time for daily care and maintenance.  I'm simply at a point where I can not let a set back creep it's ugly head.....not now.   I'm really focused on doing things daily that move me closer to my goals.  It's like being on a treadmill....if I simply stand still, I will fall off (and possibly hurt myself in the process). For this reason I must keep moving even if it's one step at a time.

One thing that I'd like to do is acknowledge the progress made thus far.  It's important to take the time to recognize the result of the work put in up to this point. Sure, my journey hasn't been perfect but the more I am able to be grateful for what I have thus far, the more I will enjoy what I desire.  


  1. I seems to be at the same kind of place as you are. My ends were looking a bit dull and frizzy so I kept dusting them but I thin I am long overdue a decent trim.
    I agree that sometimes inaction is my greatest hair enemy!
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on

  2. Nadege, thank you so much for your amazing website! It has truly been such a great guide on my own hair journey. As I revisit some of your posts, I wanted to ask if you are still suffering from your dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis or have you been able to rid your scalp of this? If so, can you provide me with some key pointers? Thank you again :-)

  3. Timely post as usual:) I've decided that for the remainder of the year I would re-focus my energy on scalp stimulation...I've introduced teas that stimulate growth and increase follicle health (for rinsing and DC'ing).

  4. @ Anon- Wow I just realized that I didn't really focus on my scalp in my plan. I will say that I've seen a HUGE improvement since removing gluten from my diet. I still have some itching and flaking but no where near the way it was before. Prior to the change in diet, I coped with my SD by using essential oils, and massaging my scalp with coconut oil which has anti-fungal properties.

  5. @ Nix08-My first experience with tea rinsing using black tea dried out my hair a little. I may try again using bamboo tea since it seems like a much lighter tea. Plus I'm sure my hair will benefit from the silica content.

  6. Yes I also find black tea be drying. I don't use it. Marshmallow root tea is very moisturizing, I mix mine with hibiscus tea leaves and after the first application (dampened my hair with it during my dry DC) I was able to feel the difference. I use a few others but my goal with them is more scalp stimulation: saw palmento, lavender, nettel and horsetail. How quickly I felt the difference in my hair has inspired me to get better with drinking my bamboo tea:)

  7. Thanks so much for the response Nadege. My scalp is my main focus for the remainder of the year. I have this issue of severe flaking just in the middle of my scalp that I'm trying to combat. I also realized that I shed alot so this is a focus of mine as well. The gluten free diet is something that I've fantasized about but for now, just trying to limit carb intake and increase water, fruit, veggies, Omega3s and a more balance diet. I will say for those that suffer from SD that they should look at the amount of carbs and sugar intake and see if that correlates to the severity of their SD. Once I started to reduce carb/sugar(and increase other things mentioned earlier) my SD on scalp other areas really reduced. Thank you again for your blog :-)

  8. Are you still using the Lunar Hair Chart for cutting? In 2008 you did a blog article on your site about Morrocco Method the Lunar Hair Care system. Are you still using this system? Trimming your hair by the moon is one of the best things you can do to promote optimal growth. Below is the link to the article you blogged as well as the Lunar Cutting Dates from Morrocco Method's website.




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