Glam up your ponytail with Hair Cuffs

For as long as I can remember, I've had an affinity to cuff bracelets. Perhaps it stems back from my fond memories of Wonder Woman leveraging her amazing cuffs for crime fighting purposes. Take a look at my extensive accessory collection and you'll find numerous cuff bracelets of various colors and textures. I just loves me some cuffs.

So imagine my excitement when I learned of the cuff ponytail holder.

Turns out that H&M carries them these cute hair cuffs in several different styles for around $5.00. Soon after discovering these beauties online,  I hit the streets and headed to my local H&M store to claim these cuffs as mine. 

While at H&M, I picked up one with a textured look and feel in a pewter color. But, to be honest with you, my favorite of all is the smooth surfaced cuff. 

I just love the classic simplistic look of these inexpensive accessories. They're simple yet they make a clear statement. Just like that, an ordinary ponytail is turned into a sophisticated hairstyle.  For that reason, I think I'll grab one in silver to complete my set (Wonder Woman had two cuffs and so should I).  Since summer is upon us, I've been contemplating ways to keep my hair tamed without always going for the basic bun.  Ponytails are a clear alternative for me.

Heads up ladies, I'll probably host a hair cuff ponytail holder giveaway pretty soon since I'm sure someone out there will be just as excited about having one of these as I am.


  1. I have the same golden one as yours, I bought it quite a long while ago and I use it everytime I wear a pony tail.. Its so gorgeous :D and your hair looks great btw! Xx

  2. I'd be very interested in a cuff giveaway!

  3. The hair cuff is so pretty. It's such a shame that we do not have H&M here in Australia. I wonder if ASOS has hair cuffs

    xo Stephanie

  4. The cuffs are beautiful, and your ponytail looks so nice in it. I believe that the ponytail cuff giveaway is a great idea.

  5. this a great idea to spice up my boring headbands.


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