Creating a soft, wavy ponytail in four easy steps

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If all of my wildest dreams were to come true, I would be rockin' the biggest, most awesomest, curly ponytail on a daily basis.  Currently my ponytail is no where near its maximum potential but I still like to play around with curly styles from time to time in preparation for the day when the ponytail of my dreams becomes a reality.

Today, I'd like to share with you the wavy ponytail that I sport occasionally. I also seem to favor the curly ponytail because sometimes my boring bun just doesn't cut it.

Whenever I do any type of textured ponytail, from wavy, to curly, or even a braid out pony, I find that my best results come when I style the entire head of hair then sweep it all into a ponytail.  This works to create a much more authentic looking style versus if I were to put my hair in a ponytail first then curl the loose hair.

So here I am using my Caruso steam curlers to create the wave pattern.  Since the look I'm going for is wavy, I wrap the hair around the curler versus wrapping the curler around the hair using this method.
 As I said before, I do the entire head so the end result can have more volume.  The results just aren't the same if I try to take short cuts versus curling all of my hair

 Finally, I remove the rollers after only a 15 minutes or so of dry time, I pull the hair back into a ponytail, and finger style for the end result. This look is super easy to pull off and takes almost no time at all.  For tighter curls, I could have opted to leave the rollers in a bit longer and/or used smaller size rollers. Best of all, using the Caruso Steam curlers helps to elevate the moisture levels in my hair.

I just can not wait for the day when my ponytail doubles in size and length....



  1. Am also striving to achieve your length lol. Beautiful curls at the ends!!!

  2. I can't wait til my pony gets this long! Love the new header as well - simple but nice!

  3. Love your hair I cant wait to get to your hair length. So healthy and bouncy


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