Daily Actions that create healthier hair

One thing I'm learning while on my fitness journey is how much consistency plays a role in the results I will create. The more frequently I exercise, the more amazing my results will be. If I exercise less frequently, my results will show it. I realize now that individuals who achieve remarkable results in any area of their lives,  are taking consistent daily actions that produce the desired outcome. 

Atheletes, musical artists, actors, etc who have become great at what they do, are likely taking deliberate action on a daily basis.  I once mentioned Jerry Sienfield's system called "don't break the chain."  This method involves doing something daily (in his case it was performing stand-up).  Every day he took action, he would draw a big red X on his calendar. Soon a chain of red Xs formed.  As the chain grew longer, Jerry's goal was to continue his daily action streak, making sure that he did not break the chain. 

Then I began to wonder if there were daily actions I could take, with regards to my hair care, that could help promote even healthier hair.  The first thought that came to mind was of a youtube video I watched recently.  If I recall correctly, the video was a makeup tutorial, but at the very end, when the woman took down her hair to complete the look, she quickly mentioned, "every day, I give myself a scalp massage to create healthy hair."  Then I was like "I can do that too!" 

Scalp Massages
So then I broke out my trusty kitchen timers to help keep me accountable.  I use these nifty things as a part of my time management system.  They help me from spending too much time on an activity. The timers also keep me from spending too little time on something as well.  For example, when I do scalp massages, I tend to massage half-heartedly for a few minutes then move on to something else.  So in order to make the maximum impact on my actions, I've been doing this new thing where I set my timer for 15 minutes (or more) then proceed to massage until the alarm rings. 

Nail Rubbing
Another action I'm inspired to do daily is to rub my nails.  As you know, I wrote a post long ago about this unique scalp stimulation method.  Even though I wrote on this topic years ago, I still get emails and comments on a regular basis from those who have tried it consistently and achieved desirable results. I want this to be a daily habit for me again so I'm going to pair my nail rubbing with my scalp massages and see how it goes. 
 Moisture & Seal
Then, of course, there's  the whole idea of moisture replenishment on a daily basis.  I'm writing extensively on this topic in my upcoming hair care guide of creating and maintain moisture levels.  Basically, the hair need daily moisture or else bad things happen.  Women who co-wash daily usually experience wonderful results.  Since I'm not in the position to take on in my regimen, I've got to do the next best thing which is to moisturize and seal daily with an amazing oil.  There was a point in time when I moisturized every so often and there were times when I moisturized and sealed daily.  The difference in my hair in scenario #2 (daily moisture) was obvious. Another difference occured when I used my trusty timer to extend the moisture application session.  During the extended version, I took the time to part my hair in smaller sections rather than applying moisturizer to the most visible parts of my hair.  If this had always been a consistent habit for me, maybe I wouldn't be dealing with the small areas of damage that I now have.  In any case, I have now set the courese to create a new reality and I'm anxiously anticipating the the wonderful results that will come of this. 
My other daily healthy hair action is taking nutritional supplements or juicing, etc.  Anything that will supply my body with the nutrition needed to support the development of healthy hair.  So far I've been pretty consistent and I can't wait to elevate this experience by drinking some high antioxident green tea or bamboo tea on a daily basis. The tea will help meet both my hydration and nutritional needs. 
All these actions when combined and performed daily will support the creating of fabulous hair.  I'm in love with the idea of being a person of strong daily habits.  Long ago, I would look at someone with great skin and say to myself, "why does she need to apply a mask 3x a week she has great skin?" or "why does she have to work out everyday, her body is perfect?"  That's when I realized that these people probably have enjoy these great attributes  because of what they do to get it.   How about you? What are the daily habits that are a must for you?


  1. I moisturize and seal daily and it has done wonders for my ends. My ends stay moisturized, nipping (for me) split ends and breakage in the bud.

    Great tip on using timers to hold yourself accountable while doing scalp massages! I admittedly always cut my scalp massages short because I'm impatient. I may try it with a timer now.

    Great post!

  2. This is a great post, Nadia! I do scalp massages daily with my oil mix (coconut oil, peppermint oil, and castor oil) and it has definitely helped my overall hair health. I also take vitamins/biotin supplements daily. I need to try rubbing my nails, too. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I started rubbing my nails while reading the article. Why not give it a try, it free!!!


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