Chemically Straightened Healthy Hair. Is it even possible?

While at The Make Up Show this weekend, I got a chance to view and sample some of the most amazing makeup brands around, but all of it paled in comparison to the random encounter I had with a young lady and her exceptionally fabulous head of hair.   My eye caught a glimpse of her tresses as I moved in and out of the crowd.  As I was speaking with a friend I literally stopped mid-sentence when my eyes laid on the back of her head.  Even before she turned around I knew that I wasn't a looking at a weave (although it looked flawless) and I knew that she was someone who had naturally textured hair.

Feeling a bit awkward for taking shots of this random stranger's hair, I decided it would be rude of me if I didn't pay her a glowing compliment (while taking the opportunity to snap some additional pics).    We chatted for a minute and during that time I learned that she has naturally curly hair which she has chemically straightened using a Japanese Straightening system called Liscio.

I asked this beautifully haired stranger if she'd ever experienced a relaxer so I could get her point of view on what she felt were the differences.  She kindly told me that she relaxed when she was much younger but preferred this method because it better preserved the integrity of her hair.  Just like a relaxer, she needs to touch up her roots every few months with this Liscio system.

These pictures of the back of her head do her no justice.  I took them impromptu as she was walking away so you aren't seeing the full beauty and health of her strands as I saw them.  The first picture is a more accurate representation of what her hair looks like with the naked eye.    Before she turned away to enjoy the rest of the makeup show, she shared that she just removed 3-4 inches during a recent trim.
As she disappeared into the crowd, I told my friend that I would live happily ever after if my hair were as healthy as hers.

Then I got to thinking about modern day relaxers and how slow they have been to evolve into something that could provide great straightening while keeping the hair in a desired healthy state.

 I became really curious about this straightening system and from my preliminary research I learned that the Liscio system was created by the same company (Inphenom) that I featured in my Currently Craving post. The hair products were developed to work in conjunction with the chemical straightening process.  What attracted me about the brand is that they offer a wide variety of products catered towards bringing health to the strand.  They've got products like "Cuticle Coat," "Cortex CMC (for internal repair),"  and a sealing product meant to lock the yummy ingredients inside the strand.  "Sigh", I wish our relaxer systems came with products that worked as much to rebuild the hair as they do to destroy it.   Two weeks ago, I write a post claiming my desire to try these products and then suddenly, I come face to face with this amazing head of hair linked to the brand.  I wonder if meeting this stranger was some sort of coincidence or a sign brought down from the heavens meant to help me expand my horizons.

To be continued.....

(p.s.) I'm pinning her on my Pinterest boards...


  1. Her hair is jaw dropping!
    Looks so healthy.

  2. Her hair is gorgeous and looks so healthy!

  3. The hair is more than awesome!!!Did she tell you her regimen?

  4. Oh My Goodness, her hair is magnifique. I also noticed she has clear skin and was wondering if divulged any secrets regarding that

  5. Absolutely gorgeous hair! The liscio system sounds like a great alternative to relaxing

  6. The first time in my life I ever experience JEALOUSY and its' over HAIR! sigh!

  7. Just picking up my jaw off the ground!!! wow I need this hair system sounds good, I look forward to reading what you find out.
    Beautiful locks in deed!!

  8. OMG! I never saw chemically straightened hair so practically flawless. I have recently decided to stop using relaxers. I'm going to start using hair smoothing treatments once I decide which one to go with.
    Enjoyed the post!

  9. I agree, her hair is amazing! I wonder how long she has done that. I also wonder how she takes care of her hair. I know when I used a relaxer on my hair I swore by mizani hair products. And to this day I do as well, but I'd be curious to know what else she uses.
    Thanks for posting these pictures!

  10. Her hair is AMAZING! I want that hair! and to top it off she is also gorgeous. Life is not fair I am jealous.

  11. I am currently transitioning from relaxed to Japanese straightening. about a month ago I wrote a very detailed post about the differences between relaxed hair and Japanese straightening. here!

  12. I was looking for some blunt ends hair pics to take to my stylist and stumbled upon this blog post.
    That's BeautyByGabbie! She has a youtube channel:

    Maybe you can get her to do a vid on her hair and about the Japanese Straightening System she uses!

  13. I remember reading this post and thinking how amazing. Today I stumbled across her on YouTube and had to share the video of her hair care routine:)

  14. I am just now seeing this! I came across this while on Google images. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am honored you created a whole post about my hair lol. And yes I do have a hair care routine on YouTube. Here is the link:

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