Finally have my Micro Mist: Here's what I think

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I can't believe the day has finally arrived when I finally have my very own Micro Mist Steamer.  Yes, you heard correctly, I finally got a Micro Mist! Those of you who are old-timers to this blog know that I have been coveting this extraordinary piece of genius for over a year now.  My heart has longed for the day when this wonderful beast would be mine.  The day has finally come.....

This will be an account of my initial thoughts on this wonderful machine.   My Micro Mist shipped in a box so large that the UPS guy had to drag it across my lawn and physically place it in my home.  I wrestled for 10 to 15 to open up the massive box which contained my beloved.  Then I proceeded to do the work required to assemble this wonderful piece of machinery.  Frustration quickly set over me when I realized how much work is involved with assembling one of these things.

I must have invested over a couple of hours to make sure my new baby was perfectly ready for use.  Unfortunately, too much time had passed, forcing me to have to wait for the next day to actually take it for its first spin.

My first experience using it was (what I would describe as) a bit clumsy.  Because of this, I wasn't able to take any decent pics of the two of us in action.  I'm sure my subsequent experiences will far outmatch it's predecessor.   

A full review will come in the future but, in the mean time, here are my initial thoughts in the form of PROS & CONS
PRO: I can set the duration, mist level and temp based on my hair's needs.  Yesterday, I was under the machine for a total of an hour.
CON:  The Micro Mist requires more care than my traditional steamer.  After use I was required to wipe the inside of the machine clean. I also had to dump out water from a small drainage container locate that the front of the machine.

PRO:  This thing holds a lot of water. Probably around a half gallon.  With my previous steamer, I always ran out of water much sooner that I anticipated.
CON:  It's a much bigger machine in my home than it appeared in the salon.  I gotta find a good place to store this thing.

PRO:  It was whisper quite.  When I'm sitting under my dryer, I often have a difficult time hearing my laptop.  With my Micro Mist, I could work on my laptop comfortably while under the machine without having to raise the volume.
CON: Expensive.

PRO: It comes with a nape guard which greatly enhances the comfort experience while steaming.

PRO:  The Micro Mist provides a 3 minute cooling blast at the end of the session to seal in the cuticles. Traditional steamers don't come with that option.

PRO:  Steams Mists hair evenly. Not one strand of hair was exposed which means every strand is getting their fill of steamy goodness.

PRO: Large Covered hood.  The biggest qualm I have with traditional steamers is that my big head can't properly fit inside. That's why I made a makeshift version of a steamer using my hooded dryer.  This large covered hood comes with an attachment that seals everything in and doesn't allow any of the steam to escape from the sides.

PRO: The design of the hood actually allows me to wear my hair down while steaming. This, again, allows for a more even steaming/misting process.

PRO: Micro Mist technology allows for a deeper conditioning and healthier hair.  The technology helps protect the hair from possible damage related to the high heat of traditional steam.

That's pretty much how I feel about my Misting Machine.  I hope to do more posts in the future and even a video demonstrating how I use it.


  1. OMG!!!! I held my breath in awe reading most of your post:) I'm very excited for you:) That is a thing of beauty!

  2. I love your blog! And I'm definitely intrigued by this steamer. My current one works okay, but it's incredibly awkward to use with my rather large dome. Where did you order it from?

  3. Omg! You got it... I have been looking everywhere in attempt to order it myself with no success. Where did you order yours please share.

  4. I found a couple websites that sold them at retail price but decided to hold off on ordering. I communicated online with a couple of people who purchased theirs on eBay. I believe they bought pre-owned units from salons that were downsizing. I did eBay searches on a regular basis until one finally became available. In the last moments, I was outbid. Two weeks later the guy put another one on auction (brand new) so I immediately purchased at the buy new price (which was way below retail).

    I emailed him to see if he is going to put other units up for sale. Once he responds, I'll let everyone know.

    1. Where did you get it from? I would like to buy one.

  5. I hate to break it to you babes seeing how passionate you are about hair stuff, but after i read this your post(where i had 1st ever heard of this micro mist steamer) i asked the beauty brains to weigh in on it and this is what they had to say
    This is not to deter you in any way but to keep you correctly informed.

  6. Thanks for sharing that link. Prior to purchasing, I e-chatted with a couple of ladies who owned the machine and spoke very highly of it. I've used it 3X (twice at home, 1X at the salon) and I am beyond pleased. I do want to use it a few more times before posting the official review. I don't get the sense that the person who wrote the article had a chance to actually experience the Micromist for herself. Having steamed my hair with several types of steamers I can say that my personal experience with the Micromist has surpassed that of any other steamer that I've tried to date. The cool mist alone is worth it's weight in gold. My hair actually feels like it's been rinsed with cold water without me having to get into an icy shower. I'm counting the days until I can use it again. Thanks for sharing.

  7. OMGGG!!
    so happy for youuu!! i have looked everywhere but can not get a hold of it... you are so lucky. Please let us know if the seller has some more!!

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  9. How hard is this to use on your own? How did you set it up and switch it on?

    1. Hi Diana,
      Assembling was the toughest part. Once that's done, it's just a matter of adding water and selecting how long would you like to steam. It's very easy for home use. It just takes up a lot of space.


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