Going Green: Kale Salad Recipe

I know I really need to get back to eating healthy again.   Creating the ideal environment for my body interally is important to me and my beauty journey.  I don't want my body leeching away valuable minerals and nutrients in order to correct pH issues I created through lousy eating choices. 

One of the first things I did when I decided to get balanced  was to purchase some powerful leafy greens.  I think my first introduction to kale was when I started juicing it a while ago.  Prior to that, I never eaten kale (raw or cooked).  After realizing that juicing kale didn't make my juice bitter, I figured that it must be edibible in raw form (like spinach).  I was right.  But unlike spinach, kale is much heartier leaf.  The thickness of the leaf is actually a good thing because it makes for a satisfying salad that actually fills you up because it's loaded with fiber.  Today, I'd like to share with you a simple kale salad recipe that I am in love with.  Enjoy.

-Curly Kale
- Ripe Hass Avocado
-Organic Cherry Tomatoes
-Red Onion
-Lemon and/or Apple Cider Vinegar
-Green Apple (optional)
-Pink salt to taste
-Crumbled cheese (optional)

I first start out by tearing the kale into smaller bite sized pieces.  Bite sizes is important because of the toughness of the leaf.  Place the leaves in a bowl then squeeze the juice of the fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar over the leaves.  This is super important because the acid of the lemon/acv helps soften the kale leaf.  Once you've added some of the juice, massage the kale with your hands making sure to distribute the juice evenly. 

Then add all the remaining ingredients together and you have a wonderful salad that is hearty enough for a meal.  Feel free to add any of your favorite salad toppings like almonds, cucumber, etc.  My goal is to have at least 1 green food a day and graduallly increase that over time.  If this kale salad isn't your thing, I urge you to try making kale chips which are an amazing snack.  I could eat kale chips all day long.  I make them by simply adding (dry) curly kale that has been torn into medium/large size pieces on a flat cookie sheet. Then I sprinkle with pink salt and olive oil.  Bake on a low temp (below 350) for a few minutes until the kale are crispy.  Make sure they don't burn.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about them.

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  1. I love kale! My go to recipe is saluting it with a little extra virgin olive oil, garlic and salt. It takes all of 7 minutes and it's so delicious!


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