Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lila Rose Hair Jewels Review and Giveaway!

I wrote a post not too long ago on some items that were on my "Currently Craving" list.  Hair Jewelry was the third item on that list.  Since then, I made a couple of purchases online. But my most excited hair jewel acquisition has got to be these nifty little rhinestone hair pins from Lilarose.

It all started when I received an email from a nice lady named Nicole.  She generously offered to host a giveaway and would also allow me to pick an item of my choice to do a review.  After browsing through the vast options available, I finally decided on the fabulous pair of Stoneset "You-Pins."

I have to be completely honest with you and say that these things were terrifying when I first saw them in person.  The idea of sticking those metal prongs into my hair caused me a little concern.  This unhealthy fear stems from bad experiences in the past with hair pins after they lost their plastic tips.

They sat on my desk for nearly a week before I mustered up the nerve to finally use them.  My first attempt was after I used regular bobby pins to secure my hair in an "upsweep."  Once my hair was up, I gently slipped these flowered accessories into my style, in random places.  I could not believe how comfortable they were.  Immediately I removed the bobby pins and readjusted my style using just the bedazzled pins.  Amazingly, these were able to hold my hair up with no worries.

Needless to say, I feel in love with them right away.  I can not believe that these are gentler in my hair than my standard hair pins.  Even taking these out were a breeze.  Absolutely no snagging at all.

I'm gonna rock these when I wear my buns so I can add a bit of pizzazz to an ordinary hair style.  I know that many of us are protective styling right now.  These are the perfect finishing pieces that make protective styling a bit more glamorous.

 Let's all take a moment to thank Nicole who graciously offered to host a 'Hair Jewels' giveaway this month.  She will be sending me a piece from the website for one of you lucky gals.  Details to come...

In the meantime, check out the huge collection of amazing hair gems available on LilaRose's website.

  1. Those pins are gorgeous! I will be waiting with bated breath for the giveaway!!