L.O.C. Method Remixed: Elevating the Moisture Game

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Remember the post I did on the Healthy Hair Tips we can learn from Naturals? Well let's add one more technique to that list.  In the first post I wrote in length about how naturals are obsessed with maintaining high moisture levels.  Out of their obsession came a moisture creation technique that will change the game forever.

The technique I'm referring to is one known as the L.O.C method. L.O.C is an acronym that stands for liquid, oil, cream.  Basically, this speaks to the order in which we apply each product during the moisture and sealing process.  Winter is upon us and we can no longer rely on the basic process of moisturizing with product then sealing with oil.  We've got to take this thang to a new level.

The L.O.C method is all about layering. First we moisten our hair with a liquid (this infuses the hair with moisture), then seal the liquid in with oil, but wait, we're not finished yet... Then we add a creamy moisturizer to finish off the process.  The result is hair that's moisturized like never before.

Y'all know that I had test this experience for myself to see how my hair liked it. Turns out that I had to remix the order of application a little to get it just right.  My hair likes when I use a liquid, cream, oil (L.C.O).  I even got great results with liquid, oil, cream, oil (L.O.C.O).  For some reason, I just didn't feel comfortable with my water based moisturizer as the final step.  Habit always causes me to finish that layer with oil.  When I first started experimenting, I used a leave-in as my liquid.  Yesterday, I tried it with MSM water then applied Aveda Damage Remedy daily moisturizer and finished off with Gleau Argan oil blend.  The overall results were magic. This is a perfect routine for winter. I like the idea of using MSM water because my hair is also getting the benefits from using MSM. Some say that MSM has the ability to impact growth and help keep new growth soft.  

Who's tried this method already?  Tell me what you think?


  1. I'd love to see pictures at each level. When I think of spraying water on my dry hair ... That doesn't sit too well for me, lol.

  2. I understand your concern around spraying water on dry hair. I found a spray bottle that mists really well. So the hair isn't get really wet.

  3. I've been doing the l.o.c method since november and I love it. My hair never felt this moisturized!

  4. I was doing the loc method in the beginning of my HJ before it gained all this momentum, about two years ago. However, I actually just stumbled upon it because I was very curious about how to optimize the use of each individual new product : ) With that said, I only used this "loc" method with certain products. My loc regimen was: water from freshly washed hair, Cantu Shea Butter (old formula of course), and castor oil. I grew away from this method when I learned my hair better responds to a very oil focused regimen. The final straw was when CSB changed their ingredients, I just stopped buying leave ins all together! Oils replaced leave ins and my research and purchases become solely oil focused outside of shampoo and conditioners. Now that the loc method has emerged as a ‘concrete thing’ we can all learn from, and I recently have a new place for leave ins in my regimen, I have tried it and LOVE it on wash day buns. I have noticed a difference in how my hair feels throughout the week. For anyone who wants to extrapolate on my LOVE of locing!>>> I am eight weeks and two days post, I have 4a/b hair, and it is about 18” long, and I have only ever tried this method on buns so far. HHJ! Oh and Nadege I LOVE your blog, with my busy life, I wish I had been reading you from “the beginning” to eliminate all this catch up reading!!! xoxoxo

  5. I've tried LOC and my hair felt dry. .I now do LOCO with the L being my leave in final rinse of tea and avj. The results are yummy!

  6. I actually did this during the summer but slacked after while, I don't why since it made my hair feel so soft. I also switched up the order:
    L - vegetable gycerin + water
    C - water based moisturizer
    O - my favorite mix of oils.

  7. I LOVE the LOC method. I use a little of each product and it really stretches my products as well as keeps my natural twists moisturized and juicy:
    L = Scurl
    O = Qhemet Burdock Root Cream
    C = Kinky Kurly Not Today
    Everything has MSM in it because I put MSM in everything. Lotion, conditioner, oil...if I can be mixed it, I will. Keeps skin soft and TIGHT and hair so shiny!

  8. I agree with Shanni, I found L.C.O to work better for me:

    L- water mixed with a tiny drop of my leave-in.
    C-Neutrogena Triple Silk Moisture Leave-In Cream
    O-MY faithful,trusty por ecold-compressed Castor Oil.

    I'd actually started doing this on my own without ever knowing it had a name or had become a 'thing' thanks for the useful post, Nadege!

  9. It's so funny that "lco" worksbetter for some people, thats just traditional m&s right?

    Just wondering. HHJ, ladies :)

  10. I read this post 2 days ago and have tried this for the past 2 days and I LOVE it. I've tried several things you've mentioned on this blog but this is by far the best. I think I've found a keeper for me.
    L = msm water
    O = coconut oil
    C = my leave in conditioner

  11. So funny! I didn't even know about the LOC method until one of the natural writers for my site posted on it - then I was like wasn't this called something else a few years ago in the "healthy hair world"? Like you said L.C.O. works better for my hair and actually makes a bit more sense also - I actually have a post scheduled on this very thing, great info!

  12. I have black hair and in my LOC regime, my 'O' is especially the hero. Since I am an all-natural girl, I use Vadik Herbs Brahmi-Amla Ayurvedic Herbal hair oil. I bought it from Amazon. Thrice a week before going to bed followed by a herbal shampoo wash in the morning regularly added zing to my hair. In just 3 months they are shiny, soft, so manageable, bouncy, and have even grown by around an inch. No chemical, no mineral oil. The bonus is it is amazingly cooling and I sleep so relaxed. I continue to use it. Happily. Surely worth a trial.

  13. Ok, I need help! I wear my hair down 90% of the time and when I do this method my roller sets are over. how do you practice this method so that it doesn't take away from your style. I was doing thus daily and my hair lives it just with using liquid and water based moisturizer and that makes it hard.


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