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I'm so excited to formally introduce this product to you.  I found out about Babyface Pure Protein completely by accident.  This was one of Amazon's product recommendations that appeared as I was inquiring about another brand.  Immediately, my eyes were drawn to the positive reviews.

People were going on and one about how a protein treatment made their hair soft.  This idea completely blew my mind because every time I think of a heavy protein, the first thought that comes to my mind is hard, stiff strands.  How could this be?  I immediately placed the product in my wish list and let a few weeks past.  For some reason, I couldn't get Pure Protein out of my mind so I went for it and finally placed the order.

My level of caution around using protein is so strong that I let the small bottle sit on my counter for weeks before I mustered up the nerve to put it to use.  Finally I made the decision to take that first step.  Before I tell you about my experience, let me share a little more about this product from the pamphlet included in the package.

|"Babyface's Pure Protein is a very effective (and addictive) treatment for damaged hair , as well as a superb product to help protect hair from damage in the first place.  A favorite of high end stylists for close to 20 years now, it keeps hair healthy looking and feeling, and protects it from the damaging effects of heat and chemical treatments.  The specifically prepared formula penetrates to the hair's core, protecting it from the inside out.  Strong hair breaks less. Less breakage=Longer Hair!  Add a dose to any chemical treatment or use it as a damage treatment to strengthen week or damaged hair."

 The way to use Pure Protein is to mix a little bit (1/2 capful to 1 capful) with your favorite moisturizing conditioner.  According to the instructions, "waxy/high oil conditioners seem to produce the silkiest feeling and work best with the protein."  This was all I needed to hear because all of my favorite conditioners seem to fall under that category.  My product closet is filled with thick, nourishing conditioners that perfectly compliment this product.  This will save me money over time since I will no longer be on the lookout for a strengthening conditioner to pair with my moisturizing faves.

When it comes to strengthening conditioners, I have a few that I turn to when needed.

01. Aveda Damage Remedy is probably the "weakest" of the group.  By weakest I mean that I'm able to use on a weekly basis without fear of protein overload. Actually, because of this post I carefully reviewed the ingredient list and realized that there were no obvious proteins mentioned.  So even though the label say "damage remedy" I'm not sure how much repair this product actually offers.  Either way, it's still a quality product which I would repurchase in the future.

02.  Aubrey Organics GBP is one of those products that I use post relaxer to strengthen my strands.  I consider this a heavy protein product and because of this I use Glycogen Protein Balancer (GPB) sparingly. The main from of protein in GPB is derived from oyster shells.  What makes this product stand out is that it's all natural. Probably the only all natural conditioner I own.

03. Aphogee Keratin 2 minute reconstructor gets the most use.  It strengthens without creating the stiffness of its sister product, the Two Step Protein Treatment.  The main protein ingredients in this product are hydrolized keratin and hydrolized vegetable protein.

04.  Asience Conditioner is true to it's orient heritage by offering hydrolized pearl protein as it's active ingredient.  With every use, my hair responds accordingly. My strands are denser and breakage slows.  I have to use the right amount of this stuff otherwise I may veer into stiff hair category.  Truthfully, this is a solid product that I'm happy to have as a part of the team.

05.  Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus is one of the newest additions to my regimen.  Not only does my hair get to enjoy hydrolized soy and vegetable proteins, it also gets to feast on yummy ceramides as well.  None of my other strengthening conditioners do this.  Because of this alone, this product is a staple.  Look out for a full review of Redken  Extreme in the future.

06. Finally, the baby of the group is Babyface pure protein.  Made of hydrolized collagen protein, it's the most concentrated of the bunch. I like the idea of adding a little or a lot of protein to my conditioning mix depending on my hair's needs.

I've used Babyface twice now and not once did I experience stiff hair.  In fact, it seemed to do the opposite.  My hair felt so balanced. The level of elasticity heightened.  I love this little baby.  I've officially granted it instant staple status.   Pure Protein is exactly what I needed. I'm always using moisturizing conditioners so now I can incorporate this into my regi every two weeks and fortify my hair without adverse effects.  This product is just too perfect.

Oh, did I mention that I emailed them yesterday about the benefits of using Babyface with a chemical service and here's their response.

|You can either do a treatment before the process, or just add it directly to the solution of any relaxer, perm or hair color. This will help to preserve the hair's natural keratin during the processing, resulting in less damage. And when coloring hair, it adds additional protein to the hair so the color lasts longer (the color sticks to the protein).  It is recommended to do a treatment after chemical processes also. This is a professional protein treatment, and was originally used exclusively in salons as a classic protein treatment and to add to chemical processes to help protect the hair during the treatment. 
1/2 capful should be enough - unless the hair being treated is extra long (mid-back length or longer). For a relaxer, we recommend doing a treatment afterward also, just because a relaxer is quite harsh on the hair. You wouldn't have to do it immediately, just the next time the hair is washed.  

I'm elated to give this baby a whirl come relaxer day.  Overall, I rate this product highly because it does it's job without the adverse effects of protein overload.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the type of protein used or if it's because I'm mixing with quality conditioners with high moisture levels.  The only drawback is the size of the bottle but I can also look at it as a good thing because it keeps me from going overboard with the protein usage.  Either way it's perfect for me and I'm happy to recommend to you as well.

Stay sexy my friends.


  1. Nice review, you've got very convincing posts, and I trust your recommendations. I came across this, last month, as part of a caramel treatment recipe that was posted on BHM... I wasn't sure about the pure protein, but if you love it, I know I will!

  2. Which moisturizing conditioners do you mix this with?

  3. @ Money Matters-I like to use my usual faves like Kerastase Nutri-Thermique, Keracare Humecto, Silicon Mix, etc. I think this will work well with any rich, creamy moisturizing conditioner.

  4. Great post. Looking forward to trying this.

  5. Wow--this would be awesome after a relax. Thanks for the review!


  6. @ Nadege have you tried Silk Amino Acid from Lotion Crafter? Very similar concept and cheaper!

  7. Do you blow dry your hair after using this as the instructions say to? I usually air dry or roller set and I wonder if I can achieve similar results without direct heat.

  8. HI Jennifer,
    I roller set after every wash. My results are fine using it that way.

  9. is it suitable for little girls 7-8 years?

  10. What would the results be for natural hair...


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