IMAN BB Skin Tone Evener Creme

Finally able to get my hands on the new Iman BB Creme.  I heard about the release of this product late last year but had the hardest time finding it in stores until recently.

I already owned Maybeline's Dream Fresh BB Cream but I longed for Iman's brand because I just knew I would find a better match for my skin tone.

And boy was I right.  I picked up the darkest shade called Earth Deep and instantly knew I made the right decision the moment I tested the cream on my hand.  The color is very similar to my Makeup Forever HD Foundation which is my perfect match.  Makeup Forever gives me high coverage which makes my skin look darn near flawless whenever I apply.  I tend to save it for when I go out or other special occasions. 

Iman's BB Creme provides medium coverage for me.  Not as much as the Makeup Forever yet more coverage than my Dream Fresh. It is somewhat buildable meaning that I can reapply to certain areas where my blemishes are a bit more obvious and get a bit more coverage.  With the exception of a lower SPF factor, the Iman BB Creme seems to be a better choice over Maybeline because of a better color match and higher coverage.  Another advantage Iman has are the integration of natural ingredients such as aloe, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and various extracts. 

For those of us who aren't that familiar with BB Cream. Basically, it's an all in one product that moisturizes, color corrects, and protects the skin from UV rays.  So instead of using a sun screen, a moisturizer, primer, foundation, etc. One applies a BB Cream and is ready to go.  BB Creme is great for those of us who wants something light on their skin that takes care of multiple roles at once.

This product is perfect for me because I don't wear a ton of makeup.  Iman's BB Creme isn't heavy on the skin.  Feels like I have nothing on.  Some days I'm short on time and run out of the door with nothing on my face.  When that happens, all I do is whip out my little BB Creme tube and moments later, my blemishes are covered and my skin is protected from the sun.  Simple and easy.  This BB Creme give me a little bit a glow which may have something to do with the oils in the ingredient list.  For those of you who have oily skin, you have the option of finishing with a powder to complete your look.

Iman, I want to thank you for creating this line of product.  I travel quite a bit and having one easy to carry product that does it all is truly a dream come true.


  1. I haven't been loving the BB creams, but this one may be up my ally. The color is more likely to be right for a WOC.

  2. I've avoided BB creams so far because there seems to be a real lack of shades suited to medium/darker skintones. I might give this a try though! Thanks for the review :)

  3. I just bought this two weeks ago. I love it! I have the same match as you that I purchased off of It gives me the glow that i've been searching for! I never worried too much about sunscreen, but I'm so glad that this has SPF in it. It's the perfect product!

  4. I have tried 3 different types of BB cream (Mary Kay, Avon, and Palmers Cocoa butter) all of which are too light and I have to add my own foundation to darken it. I will try IMAN now. Also which powder to you recommenf for oily skin. My skin is super oil, especially mt T-zone.


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