I've neglected my hair journey, now it's time for redemption

I'm in somewhat of a predicament.  It's not really a predicament but more of a unique situation.  You see, for the past several months I've placed heavy emphasis on my skin care journey and my fitness habits.  I'm happy to say that as a result, I've been able to enjoy clear skin and I'm on my way to creating the body I imagine.

Sounds good right?  Except for the fact that during this same time period, I've severely neglected my hair.  Instead of weekly washes & deep conditioning, I would allow two weeks to pass.  Then I found styles that hid my hair so I wouldn't have to moisturize and seal on a regular basis.  The outcome of all this was an absurd amount of tangles and hair that feels dry and lackluster overall.  Worse yet, I'm well on my way to having the skin and body that I worked so hard for only to have hair that is below my expectations.  Not happening.

Now it's time to regroup and set things in another direction so I can have perfect hair, skin and body by summer.  As I assess the situation, I realize that I must employ the same tactics that helped me sculpt my body and cleared my skin on this mission to restore my hair.  In both cases, I am doing something everyday to create or maintain my results.  With my skin, I use the sauna several times a week and deep clean my pores with a clay mask bar daily.  I've also managed to increase the frequency of my gym workouts to several times a week.  With my hair care routine, there's nothing I'm doing daily/regularly at this moment with the exception of taking vitamins.

So the first thing I gotta do is to bring back regularity into my regimen.  So these are the rules I'm bringing back into play:

Nothing fancy. Just more of the good stuff that worked in the past.  Even though my hair is in a dire state right now, there is still some good in the situation. For one, my new growth is doing really well.  At four months post, I'm pleased to say that I don't have the desire to touch up.  The texture of the new growth is very manageable and with the help of my new infrared flat iron, I may actually reach my elusive goal of stretching six months (crossing fingers).  

It's all about getting back to the basics with regards to my regimen and continuing what works.  My hope is that I caught this early enough to avoid a setback.  I'm inspired by the results I've experienced through taking daily actions on my other goals. I'm more than certain the positive daily actions will restore the health of my hair as well.


  1. I'm following this blog for so long but never leave a comment. This need to chance now.
    Maybe you could workout while you deep condition/prepoo i.e. apply dc to your hair, go to the gym and do your workouts then steam in the steaming room/sauna before leaving the gym. Back at home you would proceed to your normal wash regimen.
    This way you wouldnt neglect your hair or your body

  2. That's an awesome idea Bebe!

    Nadege---don't be so hard on yourself. Life happens. Sure, you probably haven't done all the basics all the time but I know that you haven't completely neglected your hair! Get back to washing weekly and moisturizing and sealing daily then you'll be back and badder than ever!



  3. Ever since I discovered your blog one post in particular rings in my ears whenever wash days come around - The Strand Ceremony post. I pretty much adopted this process since reading that post and although to some it probably seems like I use alot of conditioner, I know that my application method ensures that every single strand gets equal amount of goodness from the conditioner.

    Thank you for writing that post and for all the other informative posts in your blog!

    I'm sure your hair will be back in all its fabulousness in next to no time!!

  4. Bebe's idea is awesome! I do something similar to that as well. I will put the conditioner in my hair and then do my daily 1000 jumping jacks (I like simplicity for my exercise), cut/paint my nails and steam my face with honey and Vitamin E. Then by the time all of that is done it's time to hop in the shower! Multitasking will save you!!

  5. i started my HHj since december, ive been following ur blog. however im still shedding a lot of hair during wash days. my scalp health has greatly improved, thanks to healthier diet and vitamins and tons of water, my finger nails are very strong too. my new growth seem much healthier, but what im most concerned about, is somehow preserving whats left of my older hair pre HHJ, its still so straw like and uneven. what do u advise please?

  6. Ferrari, that's such a great question. My quick advice would be to follow the strand ceremony (l linked to it in the post) making sure to spend lots of time conditioning the length of the hair. You may have to pre-poo overnight if necessary. Regarding the uneven hair, you can also check out a post it did on how to decide to cut or nurse the hair back to health. You can also email me if you wish to discuss further.

  7. Thank you Nadege for ur helpful tips. i did my first pre poo and strand ceremony DC a few days ago,then i box braided my hair. i shall watch out for improvement when i take out the braids in 3 weeks. please what is the title of your post, on nursing hair or cutting it off, i'd like to read that.

  8. with the strand ceremony, consistency is what makes it work so even if your hair didn't respond as well, keep going. You'll be glad you did.

    Here's a link to the other post I referred to: The Title is Damaged Areas: Should I chop or bring back to health?



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