Pantene's Truly Natural & Relaxed Collection

And it's not even my birthday.  The good folks at Pantene were generous enough to send me their full line of their new collection of products. I'm really excited because I was a Pantene user way back in the day.  Who can forget the perfectly shiny locks they proudly displayed in their television commercials. For that reason only, I will forever be a fan.

The line has products that say "Truly Natural Hair" or "Truly Relaxed Hair" as a way of defining what's best for our hair type.  From the relaxed hair line I was provided:

  • A lightweight shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Intensive Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Oil Cream Moisturizer
From the Natural Line I received:
  • A clarifying shampoo
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Shine serum with argan oil
  • Defining Curls style custard
Don't let the words "natural" or "relaxed" on the bottle deter you from grabbing product that your can benefit from.  For example, the ingredients in the ingredients in the deep conditioner (natural) and the moisturizing conditioner (relaxed) are nearly identical.  Fragrance is listed higher on the list in the relaxed product so the scent (which is so yummy) is much more prevalent.   Any how, I'm excited to try some of the products and even do a few giveaways in the future.  Pantene, if you're listening, please, please, please bring back the Relaxed & Natural deep conditioning hair mask.  That stuff was thee bomb!


  1. I saw it in the store and was pleasantly surprised. It was such good stuff but sooooooo hard to find!

  2. I used Pantene relaxed and Natural, years ago when it first debuted. Recently, I purchased their moisturizing conditioner and shampoo as well. I was hair was so dry and brittle, I couldn't believe it.Please do a product review for us and tell if you experienced anything remotely similar.. thanks in advances

  3. oh my gosh! This that conditioning mask was my go to years ago!


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