Sprush update: Which one should I get?

Deep Conditioning
This post is sort of an update on the one I wrote in August of last year.  When I first made my purchase I picked out two of them on a whim.  At the time, I had no idea of the difference between the two. The only thing that led me was that gut feeling that told me that I was doing the right thing.

Looking back,  I'm so glad things turned out the way they did because both sprushes are wonderful in their own special way.  My first experience was when  I tried to apply conditioner with my green one.  Honestly, that first experience made me second guess my purchase because things weren't jelling.  While applying conditioner to the length of my hair, the green sprush had difficulty conforming to my hair. So the conditioner wasn't applied evenly at all (especially towards the ends).

Then I remembered that I had two of them and decided to experiment with the pink one.  That's when everything clicked. The curved edges conformed beautifully to the length of my hair hair.  Everything worked out like a dream.  Then relaxer time came and I broke out my green sprush which was amazing as an application tool.  Prior to the sprush, I touched up with a small rat tail comb. The only issue with that is sometimes my hair would get caught in my comb which would cause relaxer to get on the length of my hair.  Then I'd start to freak out uncontrollably as I envisioned that section of previously relaxed hair beginning to disintegrate.   

With the green sprush, this is no longer an issue.  I like how precise the point is because when I apply to the new growth, I can feel exactly where I'm applying. This really puts me at ease.  I know that some people out there who may have tried to get a sprush may have been a bit intimidated by all the selections available.  I think I felt the same way which is why I think I bought two in the first place.  Hopefully this quick update helps you when you make your decision.


  1. Thanks for reminding me to pull out my sprush for my next touch-up!


  2. I have been trying forever to get one of these. I had given. This just reminded me i need one.

  3. I wanted to buy these two. Unfortunately in the Netherlands you can only buy the whole package which is €40.
    Now I find that amount too big for just using 2 sprushes.


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