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Healthy Hair
I'm finally getting used to my high powered blender. At first I wasn't at all fond of my first couple of smoothies attempts.  To be honest with you, I preferred the taste of freshly extracted juice. In fact, I almost made the decision to return my Blendtec. But instead of taking it back, I decided to use it in a way that maximizes it's most obvious strengths.

With juicing, I'm pretty much limited to the fresh fruits & veggies as my ingredient options.   When I make a smoothie, I can also include all sorts of little extras that help support my hair and health journey.  For example, this healthy hair smoothie contains fresh/frozen ingredients such as:
  • Organic carrots~rich with vitamin A
  • Organic Kale~loaded with iron
  • Fresh Organic Spinach~has protein, vitamin A & vitamin C
  • Frozen berries~filled with antioxidents

Then I went on to include amazing "boosters" that take my smoothie to the next level.  There are no rules when it comes to making healthy smoothies so I decided to blend a concoction of "extras" like:

  • Silica gel~Great for hair skin & nails
  • Omega 3 flax seed oil
  • Kelp powder~rich in minerals
  • Black strap molasses~filled with B vitamins 
I use protein milk as the base for all the ingredients to blend together.

Honestly, I had a little apprehension before taking a sip because I wasn't sure how that kelp powder & molasses would affect the taste of my breakfast drink.  Thankfully, my concerns were short lived because the drink was absolutely delicious.

The most glorious part in all of this was that cleanup time was pretty much non-existent.  This means that even when I'm feeling lazy in the mornings, I can still whip up an ultra-nutritious smoothie with zero hassle.  I hope to share other hair-healthy creations  with you in the future.  Don't get me wrong, I haven't given up juicing for good but it's nice to know that I don't have to compromise if I don't have the time (or interest) in going through the juicing process.

  I'll let you in on a little secret.  Lately, I haven't been taking any hair vitamins and I almost started feeling a little guilty about it.  Then I realized that these amazingly nutritious "loaded smoothies" can help support the my hair journey even when I'm not diligent with my vitamin intake.  Makes me sleep better at night just thinking about it.



  1. You know I never thaught of mixing my green smoothie with the silica gel! I stopped taking silica gel because I didn't like the textures! Thank you!

  2. @loica12- That's what I love about smoothies. I can toss just about anything into them and mask up the flavor. There's also the fact that I can include as many different liquid supplements as I want....all at once.

  3. I wonder if my Ninja is powerful enough....Going to try. Thanks


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