Ulitmate Exfoliation Routine: Creating an all over Glow

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In our quest to create the ultimate circulation/exfoliation routine we first learned the importance of promoting adequate blood flow to feed and nourish the skin.  Once we have this in process, we now turn our attention to physical exfoliation of our bodies with the intention of creating soft, smooth, even toned, glowing skin all over.

With exfoliating our bodies, I personally believe that a daily practice will reap the highest benefits.  I came to this understanding after I began to practice this myself.  Years ago, I had this terrible issue with random occasional breakouts on my chest and back.  Those left long lasting scars that made it awkward to wear tank tops and such.  Regular exfoliation, I believe, is the greatest weapon I used to diminish the scars.

When I first began exfoliating in the shower, was amazed at the benefits.  There's no comparison between washing normally with just soap when I use a coarse towel.  Last summer was when I got really serious about create a smooth, even toned body.   Using either a commercial scrub or sea salt, I would exfoliate my body, rinse, then exfoliate again, rinse again then do it one additional time....in one session.  After doing this for a few times I decided to try another technique.  This time I would apply my exfoliant then scrub that area vigorously while counting my strokes until I reached a pre-determined number.  I do this more intensely in my thigh area to promote blood flow and muscle tone.  The results were pretty substantial.  Now that the weather is warming up, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.

Here are the tools I'll be utilizing to create that all over glow.

Body brush||
Up until recently, I only exfoliated in the shower using a scrub or exfoliating cloth.  But now that my focus has become both circulation and exfoliation, I've been putting my body brush to use.  Using the brush helps promote blood flow, detoxification and helps keep my skin toned and firm.  Since I'm not privy to daily massages, brushing my skin feels like the next best thing.
Japanese Salux Cloth||
I just started using these cloths recently and I'm head over heels in love.  The coarseness of the texture takes a little getting used to but, believe me, this simple cloth is worth it's weight in gold. The size of the cloth allows me to easily scrub the hard to reach areas (like my back).  I recommend all of you get your hands on these cloths and experience the difference. 
Salt Scrub||
When I first began a regular routine of exfoliating my body, I began with coarse sea salt. This is probably the most abrasive method I've used but it worked for me because, honestly, I neglected to care for the skin on my body for so long.  Sea salt is inexpensive and does it's job.  Some say that salt also has therapeutic properties as well. If you're looking for an exfoliator for your feet, I recommend sea salt as a starting point.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub||
After being consistent with my salt scrubs, I decided to transition to a sugar scrub to maintain the glow.  I've tried a few brands and I have to say the Tree Hut is by far my favorite brand.  The ingredients are pretty decent.  It has just the right amount of sugar-to-oil ratio.  In the past, I've found some products that had to much oil or the sugar dissolved too quickly.  For me this brand is just perfect.  Love, love, love it!

Foot Scrub||
I'll never forget it. I visited a nail salon for a pedicure. When the guy felt the bottom of my feet, and decided that he didn't need to use the skin shaving tool on my heals, I was elated.  Both women on either side of me had their feet shaved.  It was my first professional pedicure in at least 8 months.  That's when I took time and reflected back to my daily practice of scrubbing my feet in the shower.  A year prior I found a local nail supply store and bought a bunch buffing pads.  I placed on in my shower, committed to using it daily, and the rest is history. 

If you are ready to kick off your exfoliation routine, remember that our skin requires daily exfoliation.  We're constantly producing new skin cells.  Throughout the day, sweat, dirt and toxins are pushed the skin's surface.  If we're not intentional in removing this waste, it builds up creating dull, lackluster skin.  The physical act of scrubbing that area allows blood to flow to that area and if you remember from our last post, increased blood flow a key to vibrant health.  


  1. Have you heard about Glytone? I was in one of the other forums on LHCF and heard about it. Nothing but great reviews on Amazon. I'm trying to get my skin tone more even. I thought about using that Kojic Acid soap you wrote about a few months back. I liked what it did for my face, but went with Glytone. It should be here in few weeks. M

  2. @Queenmickie

    I am all about discovering the benefits of Glycolic Acid. I've heard from so many derms, that it is the gold standard of chemical exfoliation and cell turnover.

    I have been looking at Glytone too, but I just recently ordered the CAIN + AUSTIN retexturizing pad (10% glycolic). So I want to use those first.

    What Glytone product did you order and have you used glycolic acid in the past?

  3. You have motivated me to start exfoliating. I've never really done it beyond getting a pedicure, so it was all new to me. Honestly, I believe this is one of those things that will give you results quickly. I feel so healthy doing my water challenge, working out, and now this. Thanks for all the knowledge and encouragement!!!

  4. @ Queenmickie-First I'm hearing of Glytone. I can not wait to hear what you think about it. In the meantime, I'm off to research. Thanks for sharing.

  5. @ Anon- I'm so glad that you're inspired to try exfoliation. You are going to fall in love with your skin.

  6. It should be here next week. I will let you know how I like. It's expensive. I'm hoping I don't like it! LOL

  7. Tammy M. I ordered the body wash. This is the first glycolic acid product for me. I did some research on CAIN + AUSTIN. I never heard of it before. Now I'm curious!

  8. Nadege, thank you so much for your inspiring posts regarding not only skincare but also healthcare and being fit. Everything you cover in your blog is everything I am interested in. I just had one question for you:
    In your quest for glowing skin and especially 'that facial glow', I follow your blog religiously ( lol, I don't normally use this word lightly) and was wondering, what are your words of advice for young people like me ( i'm only 19)? Like, what kind of stuff do you wish you'd known about taking care about your skin when you were my age? Like what do you think are good habits to get into?

    I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read this and reply,

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Hi English Grace! If I was fortunate enough to be 19 and knowing everything I know, I would wear sunscreen daily. Drink loads of water. Avoid that phase where I ate a bunch of junk food. I would not judge my looks. In my next post will go into more detail on how to create that "facial glow." Thank you so much for supp0orting the blog. It means everything to me.

  10. Thanks for mentioning the Salux cloth, I got one last week and when I use it, oh Lord...baby smooth skin on my body. Threw away my shower puff yesterday.

    I get a lot of compliments on my face, and a main reason is because I exfoliate at least 2ce a week, 4 times a week max. Don't wear foundation (no matter how light I can't stand the feeling), so have to keep my skin naturally clear, smooth, and even toned.

    I'm saving all your blogposts on exfoliation!

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