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Deep Conditioning
My regimen is currently under a major renovation.  Some of the things I'm doing are completely different than before while some are simple tweaks.  One of the shifts I made last wash day will likely be a part of my regimen for a while.  When I'm comfortable with the effectiveness of the updated regimen I'll share a full update.  Until then, let me show just a glimpse of one of the things I'm doing differently.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).  I've talked extensively about ACV in previous posts.   My scalp and skin has been so grateful for the addition of ACV in my regimen.  Normally,  diluted ACV would be the final step after I've rinsed my conditioner.
But last weekend a random thought popped into my mind.  "What would happen if I mixed the ACV with my conditioner?"

Now that the weather is shifting, I'm thinking ahead about how to manage the increased humidity in the air.  My plan of action would be to focus on sealing the cuticle on wash days.   We know that a low pH product is a great tool for sealing the cuticle layer.  I usually mix my conditioners so I have no idea of the final pH of the product mixture I create.  That's when the idea of adding a little ACV to my conditioner blend came about.

The idea excited me so much that I got a little overzealous last week.  Instead of just adding to the conditioner mix, my routine went a little like this:

  • Pre-poo
  • Rinse and "shampoo" with WEN Honeyfig.
  • Add diluted ACV solution (ACV+Water) to hair and leave in for a couple minutes before rinsing.
  • Mix a small amount of AVC in my deep conditioner mix, apply and steam hair.
  • Rinse and style.
If you notice, I used ACV twice. Once during the wash and mixed in with my deep conditioner.  I'm still deciding if this is a bit of overkill.  Honestly, I don't regret using ACV after the wash, it made detangling much easier and my hair looked great.  This weekend I'll be repeating the same steps but, unlike last weekend, I won't be doing a protein treatment.  I experienced a little bit of stiffness last week so I'm trying to figure out if it was protein related or because I used ACV twice in one session.  Even with the light stiffness, I still believe in the power of AVC conditioning.  One of the intentions I'm creating is having glossy hair and this method of cuticle sealing is one way to get me closer to my intention.     

If I continue to keep this as a part of my weekly routine, I'll be sure to update you when I reveal my complete regimen.

'till next time!


  1. This reminds me that I want to try ACV again soon!



  2. that's some discovery there! Will look forward to seeing your regimen!

  3. Staying tuned for more details. I only use ACV on relaxer days to be sure that my hair is properly neutralized. I loathe the smell, but I'd be willing to look past it if the benefits made it worthwhile! Thanks for this post Nadege!


  4. I adapted mixing my DC’s from a blog you wrote (thanks allot!), but I’m less concerned with pH since I read this on the very sciency The Natural Haven Bloom blog: “Does pH raise or close cuticles? There are two authoritative studies on this with pretty similar results. There is very little change to hair structure between the pH ranges of 4 to 9. Hair protein resists changes due to acid or base. Tests were performed using hydrochloric acid (powerful acid) and sodium hydroxide (a strong base).” As long as the pH stays within a 4 to 9 range (which is highly likely) then I think I should be in the clear : -). I will keep my pH strips handy just to check once in a while.

  5. Iv' been trying to find things to use in my daughters' routine.
    As well as i also experienced some of the "stiffness" u refereed to doing a protein treatment last week as well. Which makes me further more want to try this.

  6. new subbie here:
    If one of your intentions is to have glossy hair, have you considered beer rinses? If so, what was the reaction?


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