Currently Craving: June 2013 Edition


It's been a while since I've posted my current craves.  When I first wrote the original posts, I did it as something fun and lighthearted.  Little did I know that those posts would turn out to be an online vision board of sorts.  Most, if not all, my past craves have manifested into my reality.  Most notably are my Micro Mist steamer, my Chanel slouch bag and my dream car which has been on my physical vision board for many years.
Since this process has proved to be so powerful, I thought I'd keep this train rollin' and put some of my current craves out into the universe.  Who knows, maybe they'll part of my reality in the near future.

The first object of my affection is the Cortex 4 n 1 curling wand.  Immediately after seeing this video. I was obsessed with owning a curling wand for myself.  Because my thirst was so great,  I didn't make the right choice and order  my desired curling wand online. Instead, I learned that one could be purchased within the next hour at my local Target store. Hours later, I had the Remington wand in hand started to experiment. Although my hair looked nothing like the Glam Twin, I really liked the results.  So far I've used it twice.  What I love about my curling wand is how long my curls last.  Seriously, the curls stay in for days.  I paid around $20.00 for my wand but I'm looking to take it up a notch.  I like versatility of the 4 n 1.  Also, the fact that there are four sizes to chose from and variable heat settings.  The product description also boasts of infrared technology as well. Trust me, this won't be in my Amazon wish list for long.

Next on the list of goodies I'd like to attract is tiny little handbag by the name of the Chanel mini.  I'm taking this opportunity to confess that I have acquired more than enough of these gorgeous bags but something in my soul won't let me settle until I find a small bag back to complete my collection.   Since I don't want to make any hasty decisions, I've decided to steer clear of the boutique for the time being.  But, if I could blow out a candle and receive a wish, I'd have one of these darlings before 2014.

Last year, I noticed one of my friends suddenly had these long, amazing lashes.  After inquiring, she shared that she achieved those lengths with one simple visit to a lash specialist.  Fast forward a year and I see her again with the same super-long lashes. This time, they look a bit more natural.  I'm thinking that she asked her stylist for a natural look.  Instead, she informed me that she was sporting her real lashes thanks to the help of a new product she was using. I was floored.  You see, my friend is Asian so prior to her experiment, her lashes were non-existent.  Now, this girl got lashes for days thanks to using Grandelash twice a day. When she revealed her long last secret, I was shocked to learn that I have the same product at home.  I purchased it from the Make Up Show event I attended last year.  When I first met her, my lashes were longer than hers. Now she has twice the length as I do because she was consistent with using Grandelash while I was not.  Ever since running into her last week, I've been diligent with using my Grandelash twice a day.

The biggest thing on my craving list is my dream house complete with an in-home sauna cool dip pool.  Currently, I enjoy the benefits of a sauna when I visit my gym.  I found several selling online that are small enough to go inside someone's home.  Best of all they use infrared technology which is said to be more beneficial.  The idea of wanting a cold dip pool came after learning that Sanaa Lathan uses the hot & cold therapy technique to contribute to her glowing skin.  Last month I visited an upscale gym and did the tour.  While in the ladies locker room, I got a glimpse of their cold dip pool which is set below 50 degrees.  Stepping into a cold plunge after a session in the sauna is the ultimate promoter of circulation.  The warm sauna helps draw blood to the skin surface, while the cold temperatures cause the blood to move towards the internal organs.

I'm going to take the next couple of moments to send vibes of intention & gratitude out so they may return to me in the form of my desires.   Oh, when I get the Cortex wand, I'll let you all know what I think. 


  1. so now I am really curious as to what your handbag collection looks like??? LOL, I have my eye on a Chanel mini too, but I haven't liked any I have seen in the store so far.

  2. My collection isn't huge but I'm happy with what I have so far. I was thinking of doing a handbag collection video or post but I'm still not sure yet.

  3. I have the Cortex 4 n 1 curling wand for about 2 years now. It was the second curling wand I purchased (the first being a cheap $15 one) and while I loved it at first, after using other wands I wish I would have waited to purchase a more expensive wand.

    I love the fact it has four wands, but honestly I only ever use two. One wand is very small (probably for shorter hair) but my hair is longer so I never use it. Then there are two that are very close in size that end up producing very similar curls so you really only need one out of the two. Then there's the largest wand which will give you loose waves (that one's my favorite out of them all).

    However the main problem I have with mine is that my curls don't last that long. At first I THOUGHT they were lasting long, until I tried another wand - Jose Eber.

    Since using the Jose Eber I'm noticing a lot of things that my Cortex isn't doing that I didn't realize before. It gives me better, softer curls that last days longer than my cortex. (Even when using the same products, same size barrells, and same temperature).

    I'm not warning you against the Cortex, it's been very good to me - especially during crunch times when I needed quick, pretty curls - but I would just say check out the Jose Eber! Or if you already bought it, let me know how the Cortex is doing for you!

    Zauni | The Kind Side


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