5 {More} Beauty Secrets I learned on Instagram!

Skin Care
I guess you can call this part 2 in a series of posts where I share the "beauty secrets" I learned on Instagram.  If you haven't already, make sure you check out the original post that started it all.

Instagramer @sophithemua mainly posts pics of the makeup looks she creates on her clients.  Lucky for us, she gave us a brief glimpse of what she uses on her self to create her ultra-perfect skin.
In her post, she proclaims:
 "I am so in love with this skincare product. Glam Glow Exfoliating mud mask is UH-MAZING!!!  It deep cleans, adds radiance, removes black heads.  Overall great mask, a little pricey but soooo worth it." 
@_dawnixx is a stylist/weavologist who looks fabulous whether she's rocking dark or blonde hair.
Most of her page is flooded with selfies and photos showcasing her work.  But, in one post in particular, she shared:
 "ok, so you guys know I never really post products & if I do, they're deleted within a week....but I tried moisture recovery from Joico recently and I am IN LOVE.   I've been a crack fiend for Joico products for about two years now & [lately] my hair has been dryer than normal due to weather.  It's extremely moisturizing, you can feel the tangles fall right out.  Also this Perfect 10 Plus leave-in was concocted by baby Jesus himself.  My hair is super soft & super hydrated."   

@xxlivluvbeautyxx had only three words to say about Benefits They're Real:
"Love this Mascara."  

What Instagram beauty post would be complete without adding Mrs. June Ambrose (@juneambrose) to the mix?

Although this woman is in her 40s, she has the face of youth.  Here she posts a pic wearing a white mask and shares:
"Sour Cream Mask! Spread 1 to 2 tablespoons across a clean face & neck (avoiding the lips and eyes).  Remove with a wet washcloth after 7-10 minutes then splash!  The alpha-hyrdroxy acid helps speed cell turnover, brightening dull complexions."
The ladies over @tazangelsbootcamp love to keep us motivated with fitness posts and healthy eating tips.  
Here's what they shared as a caption to this pic:
"Bought this jug at the supermarket.  I try to drink 2.2 liters of water daily.  I can [see] the results right away when I've been drinking the daily amount of water.  My face starts glowing and it helps treat dark circles under my eyes.  I HATE wearing makeup in the daytime so drinking water daily is a very important part of tazangelsbootcamp.  I prefer my water filtered, room temperature and [with] a half freshly squeezed lemon.  DRINK UP & get it in!!!"

Those of you who are creating the ritual of drinking your water daily already knew this.  


  1. Time to follow all these ladies on instagram. Thank you for posting the IG names.

  2. I love that mascara too. Its amazing!!


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