Beef Liver & Green Algae.... Would you like some?

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I've decided to pull myself back on the bandwagon from which I have fallen off (hard).  Back in the day, I was so regimented about my supplement intake.  Now, I randomly take my vitamins here and there, whenever I remember.

My strategy for putting everything back in order was to pick up some super foods  so I'd be  motivated to remain consistent. 

One of the first purchases was beef liver pills.  Yes.  You heard correctly.  They actually sell beef liver in pill form.  I picked this baby up because, beef liver is considered a supper food. Why?  Because of it's high concentration of nutrition pound for pound.  Back, when I used to eat meat, I actually liked eating liver.   I contemplated bringing liver back in my diet but I haven't made the leap yet.  Then I heard about the pills and made a beeline directly to my local health food store. 

Beef liver supplement is actually considered a food.  And it's one of the most nutrient dense foods around.  Most of the time when we talk about super foods, we're normally talking about some leafy vegetable or exotic berry.  Just take a look at all the nutritional benefits of beef liver and you'll see why it's classified as a super food.

Beef Liver Contains:
High in {natural} Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Trace Minerals
Vitamin B 12 {beef liver contains all of the B vitamins and is high in B 12}
Vitamin K
CoQ10 {Anti aging}
Folate {the natural version of folic acid which has hair skin & nails benefits}
Purines {Natural substances found in our cells.  Provides chemical structure for our genes}

After researching some info online, I notice that many people consume raw beef liver to preserve the nutritional content.  Believe it or not, some even juice raw liver and drink it in a shake (which I can't even fathom).  I'll just stick to the pills for now.  When I feel adventerous enough, I may even freeze raw liver and place them in capsules using this technique

I also stocked up on some nutrient rich chlorella.  Years ago, chlorella was a part of my regimen.  What attracted me to this supplement was that is was considered a food (like the beef liver).  Think of  "supplements" as man made and "super foods" as naturally derived.  When nutrition is naturally derived, our bodies are more likely to ingest and process it without concern of toxicity or low absorption.

This go around I opted for both the pill and powder form.  The fine green powder is a perfect addition to my morning smoothies.  I take the pills when I'm on the go.  Chlorella is a green algae which a high source of protein, B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.   It helps our body excrete toxins from our tissue like heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, etc. This is exceptionally helpful for me because of my silver fillings an I often eat seafood which could contain mercury.  Our digestion and pH levels also improve when taking chlorella.  Chlorella's beneficial factors are locked inside its cell wall which is indigestible in humans. For this reason, it's so important that we take in broken cell wall form so our bodies have access to it's detoxifying and nutritional properties. 

Next on my list is getting my hands on more spirulina which I've talked about in the past.  I heard that both chlorella and spirulina work synergistically together to further elevate their benefits.  I've been back on "green nutrition" for a few days and already noticed an increase in energy.  After re-reading my old post on spirulina, I was reminded of the benefits to my hair when taking this consistently.  Can't wait to experience that again.


  1. I've been reading reviews about the sun chlorella and their saying that there's a warning label on it saying that it contains lead. Is this true?

  2. Interesting! I had to get back on the health wagon as well. The other day I brought me some nutritional yeast (which has high B12 content.. and is great for use in vegan cheese replacements), nori seaweed, dates, and chia seeds (to me chia seeds are the ultimate.. if you have'nt .. try them out as soon as possible ). It feels like this is the time of the year that most fall off of goals .. but the good thing about that is that you can always get back on the train. Good Luck with your health goals!

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