{MEGA Omega Power} My newest hair treatment revealed!

Deep Conditioning
Now that I'm back in good graces with my hair.  I decided to go all out this past wash day.  I was inspired after learning about a product called Neal Yard's Beauty oil.   Their Beauty Oil is a blend of carrier oils that are rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 Super Power! The original intent of this product was that it's taken internally which will ultimately create healthier skin and nails. 

Of course my mind started running rampant with ideas about how my hair would respond to topical application of an omega 3 oil fusion.  Could my hair benefit from using these oils as a pre-poo treatment and even a deep conditioner booster?  My immediate response was "sure, why not."  We add all kinds of to our hair topically to receive benefits. From eggs and mayo to avocados, apple cider vinegar, relaxers, and even nutrients.  Our hair definitely responds to what we put on it.  If we see changes in our hair from consistently taking omega rich oils internally, why wouldn't it  also respond well to omega 3 as an oil treatment?

Once I found a list of ingredients, it was on.  I immediately went about the business of amassing the necessary oils.

-Avocado oil? Check!
-Flax Seed oil? Check!
-Hemp Seed oil? Check!
-Evening Primrose oil? Check!
-Pumpkin Seed oil? Check!

What I love about this list is that most (if not all) of them are not part of my normal regimen.  In fact, many of those oils (with the exception of avocado + hemp) have never even touched my hair before.  I love the diversity of this concoction.   And, of course, I had to take it up a notch by adding a little vitamin E to to the mix.  I did no measuring whatsoever, I just poured a little of each into a bowl and stirred using my Sprush.  The mix was actually kinda thick. It saturated my hair weighing the strands down as I applied it.  If I had to use one word to describe my mix, it would be nourishing.  It felt so decadent like a high end salon treatment.

(due to the dark colors of the Flax, Pumpkin & Hemp oils, my blend turned out dark green)

After an acceptable amount of time passed, I jumped in the shower and washed the mix out of my hair (with ease).  Then I poured some of my leftover oil mix into my deep conditioner. Finally I added a half a cap full of Pure Protein and blended everything together.  After my final rinse I roller set my hair.  When the rollers came out, I was all smiles.  I'm four months post so, normally, I'd be battling with my hair right now.  Instead, it feels so moisturized and healthy. I dipped a couple of fingers into my mix and rubbed a little more on my ends for good measure.  In my mind I was thinking "this would be a great night time treatment."

The only thing I could do to make this blend even better would be to add the all mighty Omega 9 by way of macadamia nut oil.  Then my fusion would be complete with Omega 3, 6, and 9! Should I also mention that hemp seed oil also contains the wonderful ceramides that protect our precious cuticle layer.  If this wasn't amazing enough, I should also share that I picked up most of these oils in food grade quality so I can "double dip" by adding them to my smoothies for internal hair/skin  benefits as well (I'm a freakin' genius!). 


  1. I wish these oils were easily accessible in my country, because I would LOVE to up the game when it comes to my prepoo and deep condition steps of my wash day. Do you know whether sweet almond oil has benefits for hair? Because it is as accessible as coconut and castor over here, but thinner than castor. Castor oil's thickness weighs my hair down, because although it's dense, my strands are not that thick.

  2. what a work lady.. salute you.

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