Motivation Monday: Why it's critical that we manage our focus, our thoughts, and feelings

Today I'd like to discuss something that I have been focusing on a lot lately.   A key component to  reality creation & goal setting is the ability to generate feelings that draw our desired intention closer to us.

You might remember them telling us in the Law of Attraction Movie, the Secret, to "feel the feelings of having experienced what you want." The problem with this suggestion is that it's genuinely difficult to feel like you've achieved something, especially if the current situation is the exact opposite of what you want to create.  Our minds are devious creatures. It constantly spews out  limiting thoughts behind the scenes during our waking hours.  We're judging, we're expressing our fears, concerns, and worry silently to ourselves all of the time.  All the time.  The worst part of this is that the voice sounds exactly like us so we don't confront those thoughts as untrue.  We just accept and then we believe.

All of this negative thinking feeling happens without our intervention so in order to make a change, we have to cause it to happen.  This means that we have to work at it.  If we aren't working at it, nothing changes. Nothing. There are multiple ways to impact our feelings.  You know yourself better than I do so you have to look inside for what works for you. I will simply give you suggestions to practice so you find what has the most impact on you.

Whenever I find myself headed in the wrong direction with regards to my thoughts and feelings.  The very first step I take is to restate what I want!  Normally, If we find ourselves in a situation that we don't like, we talk about, think about it, focus on it, dwell on it, on and on.  Suddenly all of our energy is flowing in the direction of the undesirable outcome.  So tip #1 is to kill off the oxygen of the negative experience by taking your focus from it.  Sometimes that means ignoring it, other times it means taking action quickly to change the situation. But in every case you will have to restate your intention of what you want.  AND, you will have to do it over and over again.  AND, you will have to express gratitude and joy over having received it (even if it's not here yet).  

When you "kill the oxygen" by shifting your mind's focus, it doesn't mean that things change right away.  Imagine that you are on a sail boat in the middle of the sea.  You want to change the direction of the sail boat and head back to shore.  Think of your positive thoughts/feelings as the wind which will bring the sail boat to shore.  One gust of wind, no matter how powerful will not generate enough energy to reach your destination.  The wind must be consistent and powerful.  In the same way, you must think of your positive thoughts/feelings as the power behind your intention.  The wind must flow at a high level throughout the entire journey back to shore.  

So for example, if your intention is to create a toned, fit body.  Sure you might get a burst of motivation and head to the gym.  That's great to get things moving but it won't take you to your fitness destination.  Every moment you get, you must focus on the intention for a beautiful body.  AND you must do it with INTENSITY.  It can't be something that you'd like to do, it must be something that you WANT. It's the difference between 50 MPH winds and a light breeze.  

I've began to set aside time to purposely generate thoughts of intention with high energy.  The act of visualization creates this.  The act of sharing what you wan't to create with others creates this. The act of expressing gratitude for everything you receive (big or small) creates this.  The act of acknowledging milestones you experience creates this.  The act doing things that make you feel good creates this.  I have been very purposeful in creating a life where I feel good for as much of my day as I can.  This of course, takes practice and there are times when I've fallen far from this intention.  But the moment I notice where I am, I immediately realign myself and start moving in the right direction. 

This is a constant process. I heard once that when a plane flies from one destination to another, it is constantly getting off course (for as much as 95% of the time). Throughout the entire flight the pilots are always course correcting to get back on track. This is exactly what happens to us.  Even if we're on track now, it's certain that things will change.  Since we know this, there's no reason to get upset when we're off course.  It's just about getting back on track and doing it an unlimited number of times with the use of intentions that focus us back on what we want.  


  1. Great post! Just what I needed to read to get myself back on target. Today was a challenging day because I don't like my job and I found myself focused on that ALL DAY! I need to turn my attention to what it is that I want out of my career and focus 100% on that. It is difficult because I have to go there everyday but I'm going to find a way to power thru until I achieve my desire - a new job that I love!! Thanks again for such a wonderful blog!!

  2. After a most strenuous 7 days of non-stop work - I really needed to read this. Thank you darling young woman!!!! You're right, it is easy to get off track, lack of sleep and insane deadlines left me frazzled...I AM aligning myself together again. I am cutting and pasting your note to my desk. Love ya & have a wunder-filled week

  3. I just have to say well done! keep doing what you are doing!I think your posts are really interesting and very well written. its genuine and very motivating. Especially yours posts about positive thinking and attaining goals.Exactly what I needed to read at this stage in my life.Thankyou!


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