So hot, it's cool. My fool proof treatment for bright, beautiful skin.

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I spend about half of the month away from home.  This means that I'm away from my arsenal of skin products 50% of the time.  Back when my skin was acting up and my acne was active, I would  improvise my beauty treatments when I was away from home.  One of those "treatments" was super effective and cost absolutely nothing. 

Because spot treatments that contained benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, never worked for me, I found myself improvising whenever I had a major breakout.  In my hotel room, I would conduct a ritual of using a hot & cold treatment on my skin (concentrating on any active breakouts).  Whenever  I did this at night, my skin would always look better and brighter by morning.

Just recently, I decided to bring this process into my normal routine when I'm at home.  The only thing needed for this treatment are the following:

~Very warm water~
~Very cold water~
~Natural oil~

 This "treatment" really works when the water temp is really warm (but not scolding hot).  The water in my faucets don't get hot enough so I opted to warm the water on the stove.  I am not bringing water to a boil. I'm warming on low heat and I'm allowing the water to cool down prior to use.

While the water is warming (and cooling down), I take a few minutes to do an oil cleanse.  This is simply a facial massage using oil.  Oil cleansing along with the massaging motion helps loosen up dirt and other congestion laying beneath the surface.

Once the dirt is loosened, I take a clean washcloth and put in the warm water (or run under hot water in the sink).  Test the washcloth on the skin on your hand first to assess the temperature before applying on your face (allow to cool if necessary).  Then apply the wash cloth to your face and begin wiping off the oil.  If you have any active breakout, let the warm washcloth remain on those troubled areas for several moments (re-heat towel if necessary).  Once you've wiped entire face, you can let the entire towel rest on your face until it cools.  I usually do this until all dirt & makeup is removed fully.

Then close the pores by saturating the towel in cool/cold water.  When I'm at home,  I have the luxury of utilizing ice cubes or refrigerated water to really tighten up the skin.  After I'm done, my skin looks so alive because of all the blood flow from the warm water.  When I use the cold water, my face looks so firm and nice.  Not long ago, Pharrell (a 40 year old man who could pass for someone in his 20s) was asked what his secret to looking young, one thing he said was that he learned to use cold water on his face to shrink his pores from the infamous Miss Naomi Campbell.  Jennifer Aniston also shared that she finishes off her nightly routine by rubbing an ice cube on her face. 

When I finish this treatment, I find that I don't need to cleanse again using soap and water. My breakouts reduce and I have a youthful glow all over.


  1. This is a really nice post!
    Gonna try this treat ment asap, cause I have really large pores. In the meantime while waiting for my Clarisonic plus to arrive I'll utilize this technique.
    Thanks a million and God bless!

    Ps how often can I do this? Daily?

  2. @ Black Pearl,
    I use this treatment regularly (night & evening) when I have active breakouts. If you are going to be using the clarisonic brush, you can rotate the brush in the morning and the water treatment in the evening (or visa versa).

  3. Hmmm!? Im worried about the oil but will give it a try. I can always tweak it :) Thanks for the info.

  4. Thanks for posting this information. I will give this a try as soon as I get home.

  5. At night I do my dry face brushing routine. How do you think I can incorporate the water treatment without giving up the dry brushing?

    Thanks and keep on doing what your doing!

  6. @Black Pearl. This can be done after dry brushing to help remove the dead skin cells that are sloughed off during the dry brushing.

  7. Thank you for sharing this informative news.

  8. This is a variation of the oil cleansing method. Whenever I have used this I find that my skin gets darker. Could it be that there traces of oil left and I am tanning?

  9. Hey I had a question about the fermented cod liver oil. Did it clear up any acne you had? Do you still take it?

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