Wash Day | Want healthier hair? Try doing a "Pre" Pre-poo.

Healthy Hair
This wash day I decided to spice it up a little.  Normally,  I start by pre-pooing on dry hair.  If my hair has been excessively dry, I'll pre-poo with a moisture heavy conditioner like Kanechom Shea Butter if I want a little more strength, I might go for coconut oil.  This week I opted for the coconut oil but instead of jumping right into the process, I decided to take one more step.

Inspired by the post I did on the importance of penetration in our hair journey, and having thought back to my hair analysis results which revealed that my hair was suffering from product buildup, I opted to reach for my trusty clarifying shampoo.  I've yet to do a formal review on Neutrogena's Anti-Residue Shampoo but I love this little bottle so much.  It has fantastic cleaning power without over stripping the hair.  Only wish it came in a larger bottle.  
Anyhow, I began by creating 5 large sections and creating a series of loose buns with each section.  I stepped into the shower and proceeded to take down each bun and wash the sections individually with the Anti-Residue Shampoo.  Once that was done, I stepped out of the shower and allowed my hair to dry to around 70%.  (*Side note- Next time I follow this process, I'll be using a moisturizing shampoo after the clarifying to see if it's beneficial to adding moisture back in).  

Once my hair was mostly dry, I began the official "pre-poo" by applying coconut oil the hair like I would normally.  Allowing the coconut oil to sit on the hair for an hour or so allowed for better penetration.  If I'm ever short on time, I may hop under the hooded dryer for 15-20 mins.  I jumped in the shower and applied WEN Honey Fig and cleansed (adding the moisture back in my hair).  After allowing the hair to dry again to around 70%, I added a blend of Kanechom Shea Butter mixed with Silicon Mix Pear Protein, Kanechom Intense Care and a capful of Baby Face Pure Protein. 

It felt like I was rinsing melted butter out of my hair. That's how creamy and soft everything was.  While standing in the shower, I thought about how glad I was that I clarified first so my hair could receive the full benefit of this wonderful blend of conditioners and protein.   I lost much less hair than usual during my roller set and I could tell immediately that my hair was stronger as a result of fully absorbing the protein.  The end result of the process was perfect.  

I'm for sure doing this pre-pre-poo step in the future. My only qualm is how many times I had to jump in the shower.  I think I'm going to experiment with using a clarifying conditioner as my pre-poo. Suave & VO5 have some options that I can grab next time I'm at Walmart but I'll also keep my eyes open for higher quality clarifying conditioners to add to my product lineup.   

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great idea Nadege! I am definitely going to try this.

  2. This is a must have for ayone that does their hair.

  3. I decided to clarify mine and my DD's hair this weekend with Kenra Clarifying shampoo and I'm so happy I did! I did a steam moisture treatment afterwards and our hair feels great no, softer and cool to the touch! I've been using another brand for over a year or foregoing the whole step, never again.

  4. This is interesting. Glad your hair loved it but about that jumping in and out the shower many times is such a turn off.

  5. First, thanks for sharing all your knowledge on this blog- I enjoy reading your posts.

    I don't quite understand this process though. The point of the pre-poo is prepare the hair for the stress of cleansing. We then cleanse to remove buit up product and prepare the hair to absord all the goodness of the deep condition. So in essence by cleansing before your pre-poo you are simply deep conditioning twice.

    This seems a little excessive to me, almost compulsive. Why not just start by washing your hair then deep conditioning it? Why have the double process... Are we making our hair care routines more complicated then they need to be?


  6. Hi RHH fan,
    You make a good point that this process was quite extensive. I mentioned how much time it took and how I'm looking for ways to condense. The reason I went through all that trouble was to have clean, product free hair so the coconut oil can be better absorbed. Normally when I pre poo, I'm applying conditioner on "dirty" hair. Although, I liked the results of this Multi step process, it's not meant to be a weekly thing, it's more of a special treatment to remove build up and enjoy the full benefits of a coconut oil protein treatment.

    Thanks for your comments!!


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