Wearing the red lip.


I went through this phase, last year where I was constantly on the hunt for the perfect red lipstick.  Prior to that, my "lipstick" collection only consisted of various shades of nude lip glosses.  Nude.  The color I felt most comfortable in.  My reasoning was that nude would somewhat conceal my already full lips.

Years ago, I read a short article in a fashion magazine where a woman described the exhilaration she experienced after wearing a "red lip" daily for a week.  I can't recall the last time I saw someone sporting red lipstick in the middle of the day.  It's just not something that happens regularly.  So when I chose to seek out bright, red lipstick, I was making a proclamation.  The simple act of wearing a bold color on my lip was sending a clear message to myself (and the world) that I've embraced the parts of myself that I've previously suppressed.  I'm actually inviting people to notice me versus being in my old way of wanting to disappear in the crowd of non distinct faces.  Wearing red lipstick, for no special reason, was a sign of courage.

When we think of the word "fears," we generally focus on the big scary ones like the fear of heights, flying, fear of speaking publicly.  But I invite you to be present to your "discomforts." Our discomforts are the things we typically avoid but don't publicly claim as a fear.  But it is.  I had a fear of standing out because of wearing a bright red lip.  But, age related wisdom has taught me that I must hold my head high, take a deep breath and step forward in the direction of my fears discomforts. So I did.  When I purchased these crimson lipsticks, it wasn't for the purpose of wearing for special occasions or for a night out.  My intention was to develop the comfort level with being noticeable  in the most mundane of situations.

One challenge that I've set for the remainder of the year, is to consistently tackle my discomforts.  There's always something great available on the other side of comfort.  The new found sense of accomplishment, the bravery I can take with me when I face my next challenge, all of that will be mine.  And all that was required was the boldness to up-apologetically wear a red lip.


  1. hi! I highly recommend the Hourglass Icon Liplacquer. It's a bit matte so moisturize first, but its a really excellent blue-red that lasts a very long time. I used to only wear red lipstick, then dabbled with the nudes about a bit, but today I wore my Icon and it was very empowering.

  2. I love a red lippie!
    I never wore any type of makeup. I'm not sure what happened to me but one day I walked up to a MAC counter and grabbed Ruby Woo. Since then, red has become my favorite lip color! I have so many from Hourglass, Illamasqua, NARS, MAC, Maybelline, Bite Beauty, Buxom, Urban Decay. My list is crazy long but I love them all! And I never need a special occasion to wear one. I'll toss on a t-shirt and jeans, throw on a red lippie and go grocery shopping.

  3. Neo, Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely check it out.

  4. Another beautiful post! Like you, I only sought after nude lipsticks until this summer, when I watched a re-run of Oprah's Legends Ball for the first time. Almost all of the "legends" (beautiful, trail-blazing black women) wore statement red lipstick, and I became inspired to find a "legend lipstick" of my own. I found my perfect shade and wore it for a whole day out on the town, and it totally boosted my confidence. Just like you described, it felt like I was "inviting people to notice me versus being in my old way of wanting to disappear in the crowd of non distinct faces." I'm so glad red lipstick brings you that same confidence! I'm excited to rock my red lip more in the fall and winter months!

  5. I jumped on the red lippie band wagon at the beginning of the summer. Like you I have been wearing the "perfect nude" for YEARS. Red lipstick seemed like the kind of thing you did on a wild night out. For no particular reason this summer I started wearing Ruby Woo. People stared directly at my lip when I did! I don't wear it everyday, but when I do, I feel like a different person:)


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