Monday Motivation | Manifest Faster by Focusing on Feeling Good

This year, I'm determined to improve my manifestation skills.  Meaning, I'd like to increase the likelihood of my intentions coming into reality and reduce the amount of time it takes to do so.  The the gurus tell you to make sure you feel good about the intentions in order to bring about your desires.  Feeling good is the fuel that powers the manifestation process.  It's like the key that unlocks the door that leads you to the life you want.  Positive feelings also increase your belief that it'll occur which motivate you into taking the right actions.

Sometimes, I find it a little difficult to generate feelings of "already having", especially when it hasn't appeared yet.  When that happens, I just do things that make me feel good overall.  I'm a Cancer. We are described as emotional. For me, this means that small things can make me feel bad even when it's not that serious.  To keep my feelings in check, I have a system of actions that I know will work 100% of the time to positively affect my feelings.  For the past month or so, I've experimented with identifying what makes me feel good.  Once identified, it's my job to make sure I carry out those feel good actions regularly to keep my vibrations at a high level.  I've jotted down some of  the feel good actions which seem to have the most impact.

Clean + Organized Environment
The fastest method, I've found, to positively impact my mood is to elevate my environment.  Keeping the space around me clear and clutter free is absolutely essential.  Any time I walk into a clear, organized space, I receive a surge of feel good energy.  It's like my battery is getting recharged.  The only problem is, that if I'm not conscious, I default to creating a mess.  Which is why, I created a system where I set my phone time for 15-20 minutes and invest that time to focused cleaning/decluttering.

You'll be amazed at how much can be accomplished in 15 minutes.  When the environment is clear, it's like I can think again. There's no more of that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm.  Nothing feels better than that.

Eating Natural Foods
Last week, I replaced my normal dinners of rice and beans with salads. Or I had a small bowl of rice and a large salad. Not only were the salads tasty, but I had this amazing feeling afterwards.  It felt great.  Like my body was thanking me by sending endorphins to my brain.  Best of all, there wasn't any of that sluggishness one has while waiting for a large meal to digest.  It was absolutely wonderful.

Each day last week, I made sure to enjoy a long walk at a nearby park.  Some days I didn't feel like doing it, but I did it anyway.  And each time I did, I felt amazing.  Not only did I get the benefit of having my brain pump feel good chemicals into my body, but I also enjoyed another feel good moment when I slipped into a skirt that almost split at the seam the last time I attempted to wear it.

Personal Appearance
The one area where I've been slacking is in making sure that I get fully dressed everyday.  Now that I work fully from home, it's easy to let the day zip by without putting any effort in how I look.  This is a huge mistake because I'm missing out on critical opportunities to experience "feel good" moments each time I look into a mirror.  Instead, I hear that small voice that says something like "you need to put yourself together."  That probably sends a subconscious message that will negatively impact my mood, my confidence. I've been doing the bare minimum, like making sure my nails are neat and painted, but that ain't enough!  I can't let that continue to happen, especially since my appearance is completely in my control.  This week, I'm committed to look my best, even if no one else sees me.

Side note:  I've been watching episodes of this show where OCD cleaners go clean houses of hoarders living in filthy conditions.  One observation I made was that the OCD people seemed to be better put together with regards to their appearance.  The "messy people" also looked messy.  Perhaps there's a correlation between how one takes care of themselves and their environment.

Gratitude Reflection
I feel amazing when I reflect on all that I currently have which were once intentions.  First I focus on the feeling of having a physical object (or experience) and then I think about the things I want and how they too will become a part of my reality.  This exercise is excellent for keeping the feelings of lack away.  Works like a charm.

Life Moments 
As part of my experiment, I'm infusing small, feel good moments, into my week whenever possible.  Two weeks ago, I treated myself to a massage.  Maybe this week, I enjoy a movie in the middle of the day (something I said I would do once I had freedom over my time).  Whenever I carry out one of those feel good moments, I really exaggerate the essence of the moment. I take in all the sensations and get the most out of the experience.  Again, I use those moments to think about what I want to experience in the future and use the feelings to help further the excitement about what is to come.

Visual Stimulation
One thing that worked really well for me in the past that I'll be incorporating again, is visual stimulation.  Basically, I'd save images that resonated with what I wanted to experience/achieve.  Then I'd play back those images as a slide show to music on my Ipad.  This was pretty much a daily ritual.  And it worked extremely well.  I'm gonna round up a bunch of images from my Pinterest Boards and add to my vision board collection and do it again.

When my primary concern is making sure I do the things that make me feel good, everything else just flows so easily.  Manifesting feels effortless and natural.  Another wonderful side effect is that I don't seem as impacted when small inconveniences pop their ugly head.  I just do what I know works and everything works itself out.


  1. Good read. There's some solid advice here. I know I definitely need to de-clutter my space, and also reflect on what is going right in my life and be grateful for it. Because all these negative thoughts that I have are not helping! =(

  2. WE are two peas in a pod because these are ALL very important to me. I CAN NOT even start my week if everything isn't clear and clean. It makes for a rocky start. Also my vision board, what I eat, my thoughts, dressing the part...even a clean handbag makes all the difference in my day! Thanks for your blog! Be blessed! #YouRBeautiful


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