The step by step guide to recreating flawless, glowing summer skin

Not long ago, I post an article sharing the story of a friend of mine who lives a wonderful life of travel and new experiences.  In that post, I used the image above of a gorgeous young lady enjoying a fruity drink beachside.  A couple of comments came in about the amazingness of her skin.  I'd have to agree. It was her stunning skin tone that led me to utilize this pic.

Since I don't know her personally, and can't ask about her skin care secrets, we can do the next best thing.  We can study and learn from her.  After a few minutes of reflection, I identified some of the characteristics of her skin that most stand out.  And, most importantly, how we can replicate these traits so we too have amazing, glowing skin.

Hydration + Exfoliation
In order to get to her level, we must first start with the basics of healthy skin.  Don't skip these steps because they're crucial to creating ideal results.   Healthy skin, fundamentally, is hydrated and exfoliated.  Water is an absolute must.   Remember that water provides the body hydration but it provides our cells NUTRITION. We want to feed our skin cells with water.  Nourished cells are the cornerstone to beautiful skin so make sure you start there.  Become one of those people who drink tons of water.  You'll be happy you did.

Once the nourishment is in place, then it's time to slough off all the old dry skin cells sitting on the surface.  Please refer to my world famous post on creating a smooth even toned body.  Sweat and slough should be your motto for summer 2015.

Your skin is hydrated and exfoliated. Next on your list is to take your skin to the level of becoming reflective.  Take a look back at the pic above. Notice how her skin easily reflects light on high points such as her knees, shins, shoulders, nose, forehead and lips.  That's exactly what we want.  Proper hydration and heavy exfoliation will help you get there.  But if you need a little more help, there are dozens of products on the market that can help you to get your shine on.

You can go the natural route by using a little coconut oil or coco butter oil to make the skin stand out. If you want to further enhance your warm undertones, invest in some bronzing products to bring out your summer glow.  Some of my favorites are Gleam Body Radiance in deep gold (this stuff is perfection on the face or all over body).  For the face, my favorite glow enhancing products are Giellea's Eye Am Glam (which was reported to be created by Kim Kardashian's former make up artist), MAC's Mineral Skin Finish, (light subtle glow), and MACs Lustre Drops, if you are looking for something a little bolder.

Here's a tip, try blending liquid bronzing products like Lustre Drops/Gleam, with your foundation.  This will recreate that perfectly even toned skin and subtle glow like she has.  Another option for creating that even toned, warm skin is to fake tan.  Celebrities do it before red carpet event. Women of all shades enjoy ultra even toned, glowy skin from pre-event tanning sessions.  But if tanning isn't your thing, stick with regular exfoliation to fade dark spots.

 Lastly, take note of how her jet black hair contrasts with her chocolate brown skin.  If you really want to go all out, consider enhancing your hair color to create additional contrast, which will really make your skin stand out.  Jet black hair also reflects light which further adds to the over look.  Oh, an make sure you sport sunscreen daily to keep new dark spots from emerging.

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  1. Her skin is absolutely gorgeous! These are great tips too! Lately I've been mixing some of my liquid illuminators with my moisturizer but I forgot I can mix it in my foundation too. I'm gonna try that soon!

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