Korean Layering Routine Part 2 // The Nightly Routine

Yesterday, a thought randomly popped into my head.  "I wonder if Steve Jan uploaded his night time skin care routine."  If you recall from the Korean Skin Care Routine article, I featured Steve Jan's intricate layering routine.  The man is in his 40s and had the skin on someone half his age.  He inspired me to finally invest the time and effort to truly create glowing skin.  In the last video, Steve mentioned his evening routine and promised to give us a glimpse.

Well the day has finally arrived.  I just happened to check his page minutes after he uploaded his evening regimen.  His evening regimen is quite extensive.  As you watch the video, set aside any thoughts about how many steps and products involved.  Instead, let's listen for tips and tricks that we can incorporate into our current routine.  Steve's profession is in the skin care industry, so he knows his stuff.

Since the video is quite in depth, here are some of the highlights for those who can't watch the video until later:

+ Double Cleanse // If you wear a lot of make up or if you're skin exposed to the elements, you want to pre-cleanse (using oil, or makeup wipe to remove surface impurities)

+ Steve teaches a little trick on how to turn a square cotton pad into a nourishing facial mask.

+ Notice that Steve practices facial massage during the product application.  Not only does this help the product to better penetrate, but it also keeps his skin firm and taut.  His face shows no sign of facial sagging.

+ Warm the serum on the back of your hand before apply to the skin.  Warming the product could help the product better absorb into the skin.

Check out the entire video for full details.

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  1. Definitely gonna give this a watch, always on the hunt for the perfect skincare routine!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard


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