Motivation Monday | Try this Law of Attraction technique & see if it works for you.

If you're like me, you were super excited about the potential available through using the law of attraction.  After watching The Secret, I was ready to attract all kinds of new experiences into my life.  But, I wasn't quite sure how to do it.  Being terrible at visualizing, I found it hard to get myself to "feel good" about something I wanted to attract.  Most often, the feeling of lack would creep in as I realized that I didn't yet have it.

The practical application of the Law of Attraction can get a bit tricky, which is why I love this video so much.  In it, he describes three, very easy to do steps to elevate your vibration by using a focus wheel to attract what you desire.  The focus wheel helps you to generate the powerful feelings that serve as fuel to attract your intentions.  This easy to do exercise helps transform your affirmations from empty words into belief raising mantras.

Doug asks you to maintain that level of energy (and celebration) for at least 90 seconds.  I may try this with energizing music playing in the background to further increase my vibration.  Once you've completed your focus wheel, it's easy to repeat the process every morning (causing you move into action) until your intentions become reality.

(1.)Write what you ultimately want
(2.)Write out your feeling affirmations associated with what you want.
(3.) Affirm your intentions over and over again (for at least 90 seconds), focusing on your feelings, to raise your vibration.

Check out some of the comments below the video where people share their experiences of how this technique worked for them.


  1. Sweet! I'm definitely going to try this! Seems like a great ritual to do in the morning! Keep us posted on how your focus wheel goes. =P

  2. We should totally do a focus circle challenge! I desire to manifest $12,500 to take a certification course.

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