Style Inspo | What to wear (or buy) this weekend

Happy Friday! Today's roundup features simple pieces that make for perfect weekend wear.
Want to create a sleek, simple silhouette, then go for the bodysuit.  They look great with a pair of slightly loose fitting jeans or shorts.  It screams effortless and put together at the same time.  I'm glad the bodysuit has made a comeback.
Rarely do you see a woman walking around with a clutch bag.  But a clutch is such a statement piece. It requires to you pay attention, to hold it a certain way, and to be more aware of who you are. Wearing a clutch during the day is impractical which is why no one does it.  Which is why you should grab your clutch this weekend and be that one woman who dares.
Cargo pants typically have a masculine silhouette. But when you add feminine touches like the cropping the length, a curve flattering fit,  and nude heels, you have an amazingly stylish (and sexy) pant.
If I could own as many denim skirts as I do jeans, I'd be a happy girl.  I've got a couple in my closet, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect skirt. The one that fits just as flawlessly on the waist as they do the hips.  The one that's just the right length and makes you look absolutely effortless.


  1. Fitted Cargos are definitely on my WANTS list!!

  2. I've been on the hunt for green fitted cargo pants like the picture above. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can find them? Thank you

  3. oh no, not the fitted cargo pants trend. I remember when those were fashionable a few years ago... the whole pocket placement is notorious for making women look even wider. I love your other suggestions, lol, but i sure hope the cargo pants are a short blip.

    1. Which is even better because I have narrow hips ��

  4. Thank you so much for the link to the bodysuit on! I wanted a white bodysuit that resembled a tank top for some time now...I had been eyeing the one American Apparel offers, but I wasn't ready to shell out the price! I bought the one from Boohoo--as well as an army green bomber jacket, another one of your recommended must-haves!--and I'm very happy with both!


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