Game Changer? Take This Facial Product with You Into the Shower for Ultra Moisturized Skin.

Showers are an integral part of our beauty rituals. Not just from the hygiene aspect but also the numerous activities that you can layer into your shower routine.  We've talked about "in shower beauty tips" before.  I thought I had it all covered.  But I recently picked up another idea from a Korean beauty expert.  This one is so simple, that I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before.
She, like many Korean women, follow a multi-step facial routine.  One of the important steps involves applying liquid essence to the face.  Facial essence is sorta like a toner but different.  Essence is meant to go on after toner to rehydrate the face.  Its consistency is similar to water but some contain powerful ingredients that may delay the signs of aging.  What makes some essences special is the addition of a special fermented yeast. This yeast was determined to be the sole reason why laborers who came in contact with it had beautiful, youthful hands even though their faces continued to age.

I keep my bottle of Missha facial essence on my dresser next to my other facial products.  But after heeding the advice I read a few days ago, I've now moved it to my bathroom.

Why? Because this woman opened my mind to the new possibilities of how I could maximize the qualities of my beloved facial essence. She keeps her bottle of facial essence in the shower.  And once she's done showering, she layers a little facial essence to her damp face.  Doing so helps to maximize hydration levels since the skin is already wet.  Afterward, she applies her other skin products as normal.

Her method made perfect sense so I decided to give it a shot.  All I had to do is walk my bottle of Missha Facial Essence across the hall and place it near my face cleanser.  After cleansing, I rubbed in a little essence to my skin. Because essence has the same consistency as water, it was easy to apply.  From there, I moved on to other grooming activities to allow my face to air dry.  Side note, air drying the skin is healthier than rubbing a towel across your face.  But towel drying is more convenient so we do it out of habit. When carrying out this technique, I have no desire to towel dry my face. I guess that's a good thing.

What sold me on this method of applying essence to damp skin is the immediate impact.  In my case, my skin truly retained a healthy glow.  My skin actually looked better before I applied makeup vs. after.  Yes, the flaws & imperfections still existed, but my bare skin appeared dewy and supple.  I'm forever grateful for this simple tip because I definitely noticed the difference.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll likely be skipping the toner step if you apply essence while your face is damp, so be sure to cleanse properly before hand because you won't get that extra deep cleaning that some toners provide plus ability to bring balance to over stripped skin.  You can also alternate between your typical routine of using essence after a toner and switching it up to this method when your skin needs an extra moisture boost.

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