The Process // How to Make Your Dream Life a Reality

I've worked long and hard on the art of goal setting & achievement.  The longer I've focused on manifesting my goals, the better I've become at it.  One thing I've realized from experience is that certain goals seemed easier to reach than others.  The ones that have taken me the longest (or that I haven't yet achieved) have eluded me because of how I perceive them.

Some of my intentions are viewed achievable and while others seem completely separate from my reality.   We are either working on our goals or fantasizing about them.  The goals that we're working on tend to eventually show up in our lives.  The fantasies, on the other hand, remain stuck in their imaginary never land.

Once I figured out the difference, I changed my entire goal achievement approach.  Instead of continuing to indulge in my fantasies, I contemplated how to draw those desires nearer to me.
 I first started using this approach when I wanted to shift my mindset from lack to abundance. Growing up, we didn't have much money.  We always had what we needed (a roof over our heads and food on the table) but not much else.  In my mind, life was about having very little.  Survival was the first priority.

Once I reached my 20's, things changed. I was introduced to the concept of abundance. This way of thinking was completely contrary to everything I ever knew.  The idea of abundance was not within my comfort zone.  I worked on mentally accepting the concept but eventually, I needed to take big actions that would shatter my entire perception of lack and abundance.  After taking regular, consistent actions to redefine abundance, I decided to make a big move.  For me, the biggest move I could make was to buy myself a Chanel bag. This was a huge move because I was the person who only purchased bags from thrift stores.  Back then, if I spent more than $25.00 on a purse, it was a big deal.

Eventually, I purchased my dream bag without batting an eye.  This was thanks to the work I put in to break my limited thinking around money.  One part of my approach involved to breaking my idea of lack revolved around increasing my income on an ongoing basis.  From there, I utilized my income to acquire, what I determined was a symbol of abundance.

What I was doing was reeling  in my imaginary goal closer to my physical reality.

If I notice that a goal is taking too long to reach, I have to ask myself if I've been reeling it towards my current reality or if I've left it floating in the realm of my imagination.

Drawing an intention closer to you is not all that hard. You just have to do on the following:

1. Spend ample amounts of time daydreaming about the intended outcome. Make sure you see yourself in the visions. Don't separate yourself.

2.  Identify the emotions you experience during those daydreams. And what emotions you will have when you fully experience your desires.

3. Determine how you can bring those emotions into your day to day life.  Example: I experienced feelings of abundance when I treated myself to lunch at a nice restaurant, etc.

4. Take actions that are aligned with the intention that you want to experience.  Example: I would visit the Chanel store and "try on" the bag I wanted. Prior to that, I was afraid to visit Chanel boutiques because I felt poor compared to their other customers.  I also studied the purses in the same way as other designer bag collectors. The more comfortable I became with the idea of having the bag, the faster I manifested.

5.  Map out the real steps involved in achieving your goal.  Spending thousands on a bag required me to create a savings plan and identifying a strategy to make it happen.

Step five is sooooo important.  All of the steps are crucial but step 5 is when you inform your brain of how serious you are about getting what you've dreamed out.   If I'm honest with myself, the goals I haven't achieved remain a fantasy because I've failed to map out an actual plan to get there.  Keep in mind that your initial plan may not actually be what gets you there, but the planning process is critical because it fires neurons in our brain alerting our subconscious that we're really gonna do this!  

The plan will probably shift over time, and that's ok... What matters is that if someone were to ask you how you will reach your goal, you can articulate it.   More importantly, you know your next steps and you can measure your progress.  I have a goal that has been a desire of mine for a very long time.  I can honestly say that part of the reason why I've experienced a lack of progress is because I've neglected to spend time on step 5.

Even if the plan isn't solid, it doesn't matter because you'll adjust along the way.  You'll do more research and seek out stronger solutions.  When drafting a plan, it's important to remember that there's more than 1 way to get where you want to go.  Be flexible and look for alternatives.  But make sure a (detailed) plan is in firmly place.  

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