[Updated] Simone's Summer Skin Care Favorites (w/video)

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I'm back with another Instagram Beauty Routine reveal.  This one's special because it's more of an update.  You may remember when I once featured Simone a.ka. @cocoaflowerr's favorite skin products.

I'm pretty sure the girl is inundated with comments and requests to share the items responsible for her amazing skin.  Luckily for us, she's pretty accommodating.  Just recently, she posted a few snaps with her current line up.  The first thing I noticed is that a lot has changed since her last reveal.  Perhaps she's switched up her routine to stay flawless for summer?

Let's check out these quick vids as Simone pays homage to the products her skin loves.

I wasn't at all surprised to learn that her favorite cleanser contains activated charcoal.  It makes perfect sense because, as we all know, charcoal has phenomenal deep cleansing properties.  I already have a cleanser that I love so instead of picking up a new one, I laced it with a sprinkling of activated charcoal.  I noticed a difference.  You can read about my entire process here.  But if you want a more convenient option, you can try out Milk's Charcoal Cleanser or Biore's budget friendly option. 
Here, Simone is showing off her favorite exfoliating scrub by Mario Badescu.  Y'all, I don't know anyone with pretty skin that doesn't believe in regular exfoliation. It's a must.  She informs us that exfoliating every other day is what works best for her.  The exception is that she ALWAYS exfoliates post workout. Sound familiar? 
Next up she rehydrates using Mario Badescu's rose water toner.  I've been meaning to grab a bottle of this rose-scented facial mist but since I've been on a DIY kick lately, I've been experimenting with making my own rose water at home.  More on that in a follow-up post. 
Next up is her favorite serum.  This is a oil based serum loaded with a bunch of natural extracts and vitamin E.  The product description encourages us to "Glow up and Slay" with the help of the contents of this little black bottle.  Slay is fortified with MSM and DMAE which claims to help promote smooth, balanced skin with a youthful glow.  Simone seems to be happy with it.  Just look at her glow. 
No facial routine is complete without the help of a moisturizer (preferably one with SPF).  Simone's current go-to is Olay's Complete.  As we know, sun protection is a little-known ally in the war against skin discoloration.  If you strive to achieve perfect skin, sunscreen is your very best friend.  
Lastly, once all of her products are applied, Simone wraps up by applying a light makeup to finish her routine.  She keeps her makeup routine fairly simple.  Just a little highlighter from BECCA followed by Tarte's Light's Camera, Lashes, and she's done.  She has no need for foundation because her skin is #goals.  

A couple things I took away from Simone's regimen is that I need to start adding charcoal back to my daily routine again.  Also, I don't really use a hard-working serum that perfects my skin with each application.  I need to get working on that ASAP.   I want to include a disclaimer that Simone also eats pretty healthy.  If you recall, she starts her day with a cup of antioxidant-rich green tea and she tries to eat pretty clean, for the most part.  Like all of us, she indulges, but it's obvious that Simone enjoys eating naturally healthy foods.  

In the first video, she mentions the reveal would include her favorite skin & hair products.  I captured pics of her current hair care routine.  I'll share that in part 2.  


  1. I love your analysis of celebs/ig model's skin care regimens and the like! However, I do wonder how much do you take into consideration genetics when assessing routines as you never seem to mention the role of genetics in your articles. Not saying there isn't much to be gained in scrutinizing hers and other's skin care regimens, but it would mean a lot more if, say, she started out with blemished or acne-prone skin that she managed to make perfect. I say this because I have always had relatively clear skin with rare break-outs. And now that I am in my thirties, and people often think I am a teenage student at the high school I work at, I credit very little of my skin's appearance to my routine. In fact, I am usually pretty negligent and up until very recently cared very little for the products I use. Even now I'm not the most vigilant...and yes, I often skip moisturizing, and can never seem to drink enough water. My sister (also in her thirties) has even better skin than I do with virtually no pores, completely even-toned, and she takes even less care of her skin than I do, and has used the same clean and clear cleanser and moisturizer her whole life (out of being frugal). I mean, strangers literally stop her to tell her how her skin glows. As much as I love your articles about other's routines, I'd love to see articles about people who have managed to fix problematic skin than the routines of those who are "blessed." I feel there is to more gain from those routines than what could be arbitrary good luck.

    1. HI Michelle,
      Great comment! Genetics can play a huge role people who have great skin and low maintenance routines. But in Simons's case, she has great skin AND a decent routine. Let's say someone has naturally "pretty skin" and they find products that make a difference, that could mean that the products are pretty effective to work well enough to make an impact on already flawless skin.

      Simone mentions how charcoal cleanser makes a difference with her breakouts. This means that she actually breaks out. When I was her age, I washed my face and that was pretty much it. She cleanses with a deep pore cleansing product, she tones, exfoliates, uses an activated serum, and sunscreen daily. From the last post, we also know that she masks regularly as well. Not to mention the stuff she does for internal health. I would say that her regimen is pretty solid. And if someone were to adapt some of her suggestions, they could see an improvement in their skin.

      I do occasionally come across women with great skin who have bare minimum regimens. That, to me, is a result of pure genetics (and very little work). I don't feature these women on the blog because their regimens would add no value to the reader. But if I find a tip or two that I think would make a difference in anyone's skin, I always share it.


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