5 Beauty Items that I Now Keep In My Fridge

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A couple of weeks ago, my ancient AC unit finally gave up.  The worst thing that could happen was being without AC in the middle of July.  Part of me contemplated enduring a hot summer without the modern necessity of cool air, but then I thought of how the sweltering temperatures would affect my beauty & nutritional items.

Needless to say, I gladly made the hefty investment so I could survive the summer while preserving my favorite products.  I thought I was doing my part.  But then I came to realize that some serious beauty enthusiasts have really taken their beauty regimens seriously.  Believe it or not, some even go as far as to procure mini-fridges to keep their valuable beauty stash at optimal temperatures.

I'm not gonna lie, I contemplated getting a mini beauty fridge but the lack of space prevented me from moving forward.  If I ever get my dream house and huge bathroom, I'll definitely revisit this concept.  The very least I could do is ensure that I store my current products in the right place.  Part of this weekend's agenda includes tossing out old bottles of condiments so I can make room for my most beloved beauty favorites.
Because space is limited, I plan on making sure that I only focus on the products that will thrive in cooler temperatures.  Here's a short list of what I have so far:

Sheet Masks
I'm kinda on the fence when it comes to sheet masks.  On the one hand, sheet mask warmers were invented for the purpose of heating our masks so the product is better absorbed by our thirsty pores.  On the other hand, placing sheet masks in your fridge prior to use can help close pores while providing a wonderful cooling sensation. So which one is better?  Both.  Let's say, for example, that I've stepped out of the sauna and want to indulge in a sheet masking as part of a full spa day experience.  That's when I want to reach for a chilled mask (post cleansing).  This also holds true if you do a steam facial that day.  But, winter months, a warm sheet mask might make more sense so the product is better absorbed.

Facial Rollers
All of the face rollers I own have now found a new home.  And that place is the freezer.  We've talked briefly about how well the face responds to cold temperatures.  All of that added blood flow and increased circulation does great things.  In the mornings, I like to grab my giant "ice roller" and sweep it across my face and cheeks.  Then I grab the smaller jade roller to deal with puffy eyes.  Finally, I reach for my micro current facial roller to finish off the routine.  I also keep it in the freezer because it feels so invigorating when it first touches the skin.  I'm hoping it tightens my pores as it firms the facial muscles.  What more can one ask for?

Leave-In Conditioner
Back in the day, I used to keep my leave-in spray in the fridge.  We all know that it's highly recommended to conduct a final rinse using cold water. It helps to close the cuticle layer.  But, sometimes I was too chicken to deal with the frigid temps so chilling my leave-in was the next best thing.  I haven't done this in a while but I'm definitely reinstituting this practice ASAP.  Humidity levels are at an all time high and I need all the cuticle sealing help I can get.

Eye products
The next group that will be migrating to my fridge are all of my eye products.  This includes, but is not limited to, eye creams, serums, and eye sheet masks.  Not only will my eyes be experiencing maximum hydration, they'll be less puffy as well.

Let's also add any product with vitamin C to the list of beauty items that benefit from being stored in a cool environment.

Facial Spray
Lastly, I'm keeping at least 1 bottle of facial spray in the fridge.  Here's what happens.....I spend precious time applying makeup only to break out in a sweat once I sit in my car.  We all know that warmer temps make us sweat but the worst part may be how hot weather ignites oil production.  That's the last thing we want, especially after just applying makeup. So my plan is to lightly mist with chilled facial spray just before leaving to keep my skin cool for just enough time to allow my car AC to kick in.  Hopefully, my plan works and I can avoid overly greasy skin this summer.


  1. Facial spray in the fridge seems pretty clever!


  2. I say stash a bottle of champagne in there too!!��


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