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The other day I picked up a bottle of vitamin D capsules at a local grocery super store.  For a couple of years, I've talked about the benefits of ensuring that we have enough vitamin D in our diet.  Because of our melanin, most of us might actually be vitamin D deficient.  For the past couple days, I've noticed a renewed sense of well-being. Not sure if it has to do with the vitamin D intake or if it's a residual effect of having just returned from a much-needed vacation.  Since incorporating B vitamin shots and, now vitamin D, I'm starting to feel like my old self again.

A few years ago, I took a bunch of vitamins every day and it really made a difference.  Since then, I've fallen off the wagon. But as I get older, I realize that my body isn't as efficient as it used to be.  Plus I'm not eating as great as I should.  It's time to take my nutrition seriously again. So I started to browse around Amazon for other vitamins that I could incorporate into my daily life.  While there, I somehow stumbled on vitamin A.  Whenever I research a product on Amazon, I always go to the reviews and do a quick search for the word "hair" or "skin."  I do this to discover products that positively impact our hair & skin.  That's how I stumbled upon hyaluronic acid.

When I did my customary search under vitamin A supplements, I uncovered a little-known hair growth secret that Brazillian women swear by.
These crafty women of Brazil somehow determined that mixing a little liquid vitamin A to their shampoo could somehow stimulate hair growth.  They call this concoction shampoo bomba. It began when these ladies experimented with combining a liquid vitamin A, primarily sold in veterinarian's offices, with shampoo.

Somehow, adding vitamin A topically to the scalp made a difference in the hair growth rate for some.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first.  But then I remembered the time I visited a salon in L.A. that boasted of special treatments consisting of vitamin enhanced conditioners.  Honestly, the idea of infusing conditioners with vitamins seemed a bit gimmicky.

That was then...

Since launching my own vitamin based hair enhancer, I've changed my tune.  I notice a difference when I add vitamin B enriched bamboo extract to my conditioner and others do as well.  The idea of lacing my shampoo with vitamin A really peaked my interest.  At the very least, I'm sure my strands would feel healthier because of the process. And, maybe I'd even experience a positive benefit to the growth rate.

Take a look at what one reviewer had to say after making her own "Bomba Shampoo" at home:

on September 22, 2016
People... attention... this is the purest vitamin A I found in America... and is the " key " secret to make the famous " bomb shampoo " in South America.
I have no words for how it works... my hair grows ultra fast.
You can give it a try.
Take a picture of your hair after mix in you shampoo without sulfate.. and compare 15 days later.... it's extremely insane how it works... plus, when you wash your hair the vitamin A runs on your face and body, making your skin baby soft ".
It's like a magic potion for being young again...
( mix all the bottle with half gallon of shampoo without sulfate)
You can do the same with conditioner and some body lotions...THAT'S MY SECRET

Here's another one:

on July 9, 2016
I bought this to use on my hair. Let me explain.
I use a lot of chemicals on my hair by coloring it every 3 months.
I started to lose all my hair. It also started to become very dried and fine. Someone told me vitamin A was great for hair growth. As I was searching Amazon I was looking for something that would make your hair grow with vitamin A. I came across this Pure vitamin I didn't really read the description where it said it was a supplemental vitamin and to take one drop daily. I was so worried and horrified about becoming bald all I wanted was a vitamin A for my hair. The one everyone was talking about was supposed to be an oil, not this liquid pure vitamin.
Funny thing when It arrived I opened it and was laughing very hard at myself, then I went to read the description and was like "" Ohhhhh ""
I decided to add this bottle to my shampoo anyways. I figured either it will be good or I'll just buy a wig.
I bought a deeply clean Pantene shampoo and added the vitamin to it.
Mixed it well and started to use it on my hair 3x a week. I would wash my hair leave it in for 3 minutes and wash it out.
Condition with regular conditioner and style as I regularly did.
Now before I did this I measured my hair and it was 16" long ( straight )
That was 2 months ago in May
Today in July I measured my hair again as my shampoo ended ( yes it lasted that long because I used a very small amount )
My hair is 18" long and it's healthier. I'm loving the results
I do have a photo but not of the final measurements sorry.. hope this helps.
I do recommend this vitamin for anything I guess, it is 100% pure and it works for whatever your needs are.

Ok, so here's what I got from the first review.  Obviously, this vitamin A treatment worked well for her.  She actually noticed a boost in her growth rate.  She urges us to make sure we use sulfate free shampoo.  Chemical heavy shampoos will interfere with the effectiveness of the vitamin A.   My favorite part of her review is how she lets us in on a secondary benefit.  Apparently, the vitamin enriched water run-off will nourish our skin as well.  What could be better than that?  And, just like Beautifully Bamboo vitamin extract, she mixes a little vitamin A in her conditioner and lotions.

 If I had acne prone skin, I'd play around with adding a little vitamin A to my skin moisturizer to apply at night.  A lot of the popular, professional strength,  acne treatments on the market incorporate vitamin A as a main active ingredient.   I'm not saying this will work, but I'm curious about the potential.  There are a bunch of videos on Youtube reviewing this vitamin A + shampoo combination. Unfortunately, none of them are in English. But most of them have impressive progress pics as their thumbnail pic so one could assume that they're experiencing positive benefits.  As with any concentrated treatment, less is more.  Don't go overboard with the vitamin A because this is somewhat of an experimental strategy.  One person in the comments of a video recommend 1 ml of vitamin A concentrate per 100 ml of shampoo to start with then increase to 2ml per 100 ml if you don't experience any results.

Start with a little and see how your hair or skin responds.


  1. hahaha omg only YOU would find that out, really. So here's the deal: I used to do the "shampoo bomba" when I was 15 (born and raised in Brazil). And yes here we buy the "monovin A" at the vet. Monovin A it's actually injectable, they inject it in horses a lot. Does it work? VERY well. However it does make your hair incredibly oily, like disgusting (but also shinny). I've seen doctors here advising against it, but we do it anyway lol. I stopped doing because I started researching about it and obviously there are no studies, therefore you cant know if it's safe or not. But try it, I think you'll like it. Now that I've seen this post I feel tempted to do it again, it's been probably 10 years since I last used it.

  2. Hello. So, I am brazillian and beauty addicted. And yes, a time ago, We had a trend to add monovin A, that is a super concentrated A vitamin that is used usually for Horses- to encrease their mane shine or as an injectable suplement to promote hair grown. To some girls worked, to another ones like me, I did nothing, other ones, They had hair loss. So, my advices are: watch out the amont of A vitamin that you gonna use in your shampoo and after use the shampoo for 2 months, stop, wait one month, and do It again If you enjoyed the results. Vitamim A accumulates in our bodys, and with the excess, It can cause hair loss. I personaly believe that It was the problema that caused the hair loss in some girls. I hope you understand, my writtings abilities in English are not really good.
    I adore your blog! I hope this can be useful! :)

  3. so this will help someone grow their hair

  4. The Vitamin D is no joke. I had severe hair fall last year. It was SO BAD i had clumps on hair come out. Non stop hair fall. NON stop. Everywhere i went everyone would comment on the fact that they found my hair. I was scared to touch it, i put it up in a bun and wrapped in a scarf. How i didnt go completely bald i will never know. Felt extremely tired and body ached so bad. Took a blood test, everything was fine including iron. Took another with vitamin D and turns out I am severely deficient! I was already taking small doses before the hair fall and still had a severe deficiency, so i started taking a much higher dose and going out in the sun. It then stopped. Never would i of though vit d can cause this. AND I have super light white skin. Imagine someone with darker skin tones. Vitamin D is so important. I am now regrowing my hair with onion juice, castor oil and peppermint with rosemary.


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