[Instagram Beauty Secret] Get Rid of Body Acne + Guess Which Body Butter Evens Out Your Skin

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Is there anything worse than dealing with an unsuspecting breakout?  I would argue that body acne is probably just as horrifying.  Especially body acne that shows up in the midst of summer when all you want to do is wear your off the shoulder tops and spaghetti straps.  And let's not talk about the ungodly scars they leave behind.

I've suffered from body acne in the past and, I have to admit, that I really didn't have a strategy to combat them.  I just kinda waited them out, which in retrospect, wasn't a good idea.  I should have been just as deliberate in addressing body acne as I did my face.  

Lucky for me, an Instagram influencer just so happened to share her ultimate acne fighting beauty regimen and I can't wait to share it with you.
 In previous articles, I've featured the most loved beauty products of Simone, a.k.a Cocoaflowerr.  Thankfully, Simone is pretty generous in sharing her current skin care addictions.  Recently, she shared a few more faves but this time, the focus was on her body care.
Simone is committed to the practice of body exfoliation in the shower.  Her exfoliation product of choice seems to be a coffee ground mixture.  The entire concoction consists of organic coffee grounds, brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut oil.

But to actively combat acne, Simone relies on a soap derived from olive oil and sodium hydroxide. Imagine my delight when I found out that her holy grail acne treatment is a drug store item.  Castile soap has been around since forever. It's all natural and can be used to clean just about anything.  I think I purchased a trial size of it once but never gave it a fair chance.  But, thanks to Cocoaflowerr, I know just how to use it.  From what I read, this soap has the power to really get your skin squeaky clean.  Sounds like the perfect ally in the war against body acne.

According to Simone, Castile is "the best soap" she's ever used hands down.  Why, because, it pretty much eradicated any signs of her chest and arm acne.  Her testimony was pretty convincing but does Dr. Bronner's Hemp Tea Tree Castile Soap work for others who suffer the same fate? The good folks over at ACNE.org gave castile soap a favorable rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Many of those reviewers used it specifically to treat their body acne just like Simone.  It's certainly worth a shot.  If Castile soap doesn't work as well for you, feel free to put it to use in other ways.  Apparently, you can use this stuff for just about anything.
Next, Simone put us on to her secret weapon for keeping her skin glowing.  Honestly, truly, the skin on her body is pretty amazing.  It's even toned, smooth, and everything it should be.  Simone gives all the praise to shea body butter.  She accredits shea butter for glowing skin that appears hydrated all day and for minimizing acne scars.  She had me until I got to the acne scar part.

How on Earth can shea butter impact her acne scars?  Is that even possible?

Maybe it is.....at least according to this person who shared their testimony online.
I've been using Shea butter for two months now and i really need to tell someone about this wonderful gem. Seriously, people Google this NOW Shea butter has actually REMOVED and faded my acne scarring. I actually look at people in the eyes and have a bit more confidence. Please look Shea Butter up and read about the wonderful things it does for the skin. I no longer produce much sebum on my face and actually have an EVEN skin tone something clinque dark spot corrector couldn't give me!
Hold up!  Should I be using shea butter on my acne scars now?  Perhaps I should experiment with going to bed greasy using pure shea butter.  At the very least, I should be slathering it on areas where I still have lingering body acne scars.

Can't wait to try this.  I love products that perform more than one function.  Here, we have a body butter that nourishes while evening out your skin tone simultaneously.  Yes, please!

Thank you, Simone, for putting us on.


  1. I wonder if shea Oil would be just as effective?

    1. As effective as Castile soap or Shea Butter? I think one of the benefits of Castile soap is that it really absorbs oil and gets the skin really clean. That's an asset if you're trying to treat breakouts on the body.

  2. Raw Shea butter works wonders on scars ..i had really bad infected mosquito bites when i was younger which left horrible scars on my legs... i used Raw Shea butter on them and they are barely visible


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